A place for you to learn, practice, awaken and embody in Community. No matter on which level of Awakening you are on, this is where you will get Exclusive Access to Tools and Support to Awaken your Divinity, Accelerate your Healing, Cultivate a New Miraculous Way of Being and embody your Sovereignty. 

Will This Healing Ever Stop?

We find ourselves looking and searching for ways to better our lives, grow, be happy and transform into our greatest untapped potential and yet we cannot see an end in sight to the pain, suffering and what seems like stuckness. And so this attitude fuels all kinds of addictions by convincing us that we must escape our realities or even yet continue to resist what the Universe actually wants to cocreate with us. We cannot see the bigger greater picture, we cannot seem to dig ourselves out of the hole we've been in and we cannot seem to get anywhere with our current healing journeys. 

A Supportive Hug

Do You Want To Know What Is True?

All of these experiences is the catalyst for cultivating Self Mastery and ultimately coming into Union with self. This is actually what is calling you. This is the deep longing for Oneness and Wholeness within you. It is an indication that you are expanding, transforming and becoming conscious and aware.

You are evolving into what you are meant for.
You are giving birth to and cultivating a new way of Being and a new life. Your only axis of power and choice is to be in reality and to see the truth, the absolute truth. Letting go of the story we tell ourselves and by facing the truth and facing reality, committing to your healing and using the necessary tools and processes. Through this will you be empowered to take the necessary mental, emotional and physical steps towards accelerated improvement and healing based on these gained awareness.

“If you are ready for the real deal, you will not regret it.
Riana’s teaching are imbued in light and unity consciousness. She equips you with the best tools so you can be on a spiritual path of integrity and truth.There is nowhere to hide from truth and her teachings and healings is a road map for genuine truth seekers.” - Leslie Kruse, M.D.

Unlock the membership for only $44 per month and get instant access to a collection of meditations, new videos, programs and tools to truly move your forward so you can learn how to create a life inclusive of authenticity, Purpose and fulfillment.

Choose The Premium Annual Membership And You Will Also Receive #2 Bonus Courses/Programs Worth $394 And be Initiated by the Divine into stepping into your Mastery and Wholeness



If you decide the Mastery Membership isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase and receive a full refund.


Here’s how the Mastery Membership can help!

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Premium Mastery Content is a doorway to the life of Riana Arendse and her latest teachings. It is Riana in her daily life, her life-changing teachings as well as spontaneous bonuses. Here she shares her latest insights, and her exercises in practice. Premium Content is updated every month!

"I created the Mastery Membership to help you design a spiritual practice you can stick to — so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day. But not just that, to enable you to begin or rapidly accelerate your Ascension Journey of Transformation, Awakening and Embodiment, by having ongoing access to my teachings and healing transmissions.

Each month I deliver you brand-new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone or tablet."

Your Exclusive Premium Membership Benefits Include:

Question-and-answer sessions with Riana

Free Access to Riana's entire Library of Content

2 to 3 video/audio transmissions, activations, healings, and support in this Facebook group each month. 

Access to the Exclusive Facebook community

Exclusive Discounts on New Programs, Courses and Personal Sessions

Access to the Exclusive Community Forum

Yearly membership includes: Free Access to 2 of Riana's most powerful programs: The Seraphim Order Program & Integration to Wholeness course

10% to 50% off all New Programs, Workshops, Live Events, Courses and Meditations


Facebook Premium Group 

Advanced Seraphim Order Membership - Premium Mastery Group

Besides the amazing bonuses above, the main purpose of the Premium Membership is having access to this Facebook Community. This Facebook community created by Riana and her council, only for Premium members has been on the forefront of Riana's mind and heart for a while now. 


The main reason why being a part of this community is so amazing, is because instead of just having access to Riana and her work through a Once Off event or once off program, here you have Ongoing access to Riana's teachings, activations, initiations and support. Riana intends on submitting at least 2 to 3 video/audio transmissions, activations, healings, Advanced Seraphim initiations and support in this Facebook group each month. 


This is and will be a community of committed lightworkers, leaders, wayshowers and spiritual entrepreneurs who come together each month to move through the journey of the Order of the Seraphim and it's Creation Codes to achieve a level of Mastery not embodied before. Receiving ongoing advanced healing transmissions, teachings and up-to-date  Source Codes and frequencies. 


*** Those who hold the teachings and source code initiations of the Order of Seraphim you are being called *** 


As we work to fully embody these original codes of Mastery not only for our own accelerated evolution but for the collective, new grid lines will also then be established throughout the Earth. 


It will be through conscious leadership to embody these teachings that the grids are firmly established once again on Earth. We are now consciously working alongside many Masters of Light, to embody fully the Seraphim Creation templates, so we can hold the knowledge, teachings and keys that humanity needs now and going forward. We can then anchor crystalline higher Light through our physical bodies and Gaia’s.  

Exclusive Membership Opportunity


It's the next best thing to working with Riana one on one for a fraction of the investment!

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*(This is a CLOSED MEMBERSHIP, once the enrolment is closed, you will not be able to join until next cohort). 

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    • Premium Mastery Membership
    • Exclusive Discounts on New Programs, Courses and Meditations
    • Access to the Exclusive Community Forum
    • 2 to 3 video/audio transmissions each month.
    • Free Access to Riana's entire Library of Content
    • Question-and-answer sessions with Riana
  • Yearly Membership

    Valid for one year
    • Premium Mastery Membership
    • Free Access to 2 of Riana's most powerful programs
    • Exclusive Discounts on New Programs, Courses and Meditations
    • Access to the Exclusive Community Forum
    • 2 to 3 video/audio transmissions each month
    • Free Access to Riana's entire Library of Content
    • Question-and-answer sessions with Riana

All plans are recurring until cancelled



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Riana Arendse is a Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher in the fields of Conscious Transformation and Sovereign Embodiment.


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