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The Unconscious becoming Conscious

“At a certain point, one’s awareness will be high enough to be able to discover the root cause, which is fueling this endless game of illusion and imagination and trying to make them into one’s self-image or way of being. Then one will see that what is driving all this behavior is our tendency to believe that what we tell ourselves is truth. We are primarily attached to our version of happenings or our story because it gives us the feeling that we know and it feeds our sense of separateness. When one recognizes this and realizes one is fooling oneself by listening to this made up story, eventually one starts to drop one’s story, to willingly quiet one’s mind over and over. This is the beginning of transcending Ego. Ego death is only a death to the extent that the heart becomes the master and the mind and ego, becomes the servant along the journey to fully embrace our true essence. Unconscious programming has then been replaced with consciousness, and you are no longer held captive within the prisons of the mind. One then realizes that ‘Letting go and Surendering is truly the secret of awakening’.”

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