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Riana Arendse is an international bestselling author, and world-renowned Sage for The Highest Order of Angels - The Seraphim. A Globally-Celebrated Visionary Spiritual Teacher in the fields of Conscious Transformation and Sovereign Embodiment. 

Riana’s Teachings through her Artistry, Live Events and Media Interviews have already helped countless people throughout the world find Inner Peace, Healing and Greater Fulfilment in their lives.  Riana has been called a teacher of teachers for the next generation of Conscious Transformational Spiritual Leaders. 

Throughout the duration of her life, Riana had been directly initiated by The Mighty Seraphim, Ascended Masters and Archangels into being a walking embodiment of the Highest potential for Humanity. Riana continued to be initiated into deeper levels of embodiment and made immense effort to subjugate and surrender the forces of her awakened mind and heart to the centre of existence, the one energy that many call Christ consciousness or the Supreme Oneness, or Source. In Riana’s experience, it was the gift of her own suffering which allowed her to have a much greater and grander viewpoint, and that has drastically changed both what she teaches and the way she teaches. It is one’s suffering and one's darkest moments according to Riana that becomes the greatest catalyst for authentic, awakening, enlightenment and healing. Riana's Core Teachings remind us that We Are Source experiencing itself through energy and form, only to realize and experience itself once again as Source.

In conjunction with creating a movement of positive world change, Riana Arendse founded THE SERAPHIM ORDER FOUNDATION, a non profit initiative that enables ideas, goals, and ventures that are aimed at awakening the Sovereign Divinity of all Mankind.

Golden Steel Plate