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music for healing, restoration, elevation, integration, inner union and embodiment

Riana’s multidimensional sound and angelic voice is an experience that calls you deeper into yourSelf, that calls you home. The frequency transmitted through her each breath, sound and chant is designed to penetrate the deepest parts of your Being…. Creating a ripple effect of accelerated, subtle and palpable shifts in consciousness. In addition to being an internationally celebrated spiritual leader, Riana also brings forward highly intuitive sound transmissions using her unique etheric singing abilities. 


These short sound transmissions are designed to support you on your journey of healing, expansion, transformation and inner Union.

Listen to the Introductory Video below - Due to the Live aspect of the album...we would recommend you listen with earphones or headphones


"Beloved, at the core of your being, within the space between your ears, and throughout the cells of your body resides a silence, a stillness aware of itself. From that depth of stillness and connection, when you connect to the higher frequencies of these sounds... a wellspring of creative and divine expression infinitely pours out, and you begin to live from that space... a space that darkness cannot deny. Beloved... This album will support you in creating spaciousness within your being, and for a greater expression of your infinite eternal light to be embodied. This is this knowing and realization of Eternal Grace."

- Riana

Eternal Grace is your connection to your eternal self as the Universe, Creator and as Consciousness in all its expressions and forms – it is expansion, unity, creation, liberation, healing, illumination,  timelessness and divine love. And so as you listen...this will be your experience. You will open up to more of YOU, your vastness and ground this into form. When creating this Live light sound healing album, Riana allowed the songs to flow through, simply being a vessel for this pure Source Love to pour and express itself through her being. As a channel, healer and teacher of enlightenment and spiritual mastery; and as a skilled classically trained vocalist… Riana brings through Angelic Light Sound Music for healing and accelerated transformation. The purpose and intention of this album is for you to reconnect and access that space inside of you that is pure, divine, and sacred. Once you connect to this radiant light inside of you, you reclaim the vastness of your soul’s essence, which is love... and you begin to embody it more and more each day.


What our Clients have to say:


There are no words to describe how profound it was for me to listen to all the tracks on her album. When I listened to the track “Resurrection” I actually had a vision! I saw my actual physical birth and the trauma I went through as I was being born. I could tell I experienced a lot of trauma as I was being born...I could see my physical birth but I believe my Higher Self spared me the actual feelings from it over again. During this vision I couldn’t stop crying! Then with the following track, “Deliverance”, I had another flash of me from a past life. I was male and looking down towards the ground, I was adorned in armor that was embedded in jewels. It felt like it could’ve been from earlier Roman times…interesting! It was the suit of armor and the jewels that really stood out for me. This album had a profound affect on me and I will listen to it often!  It’s more powerful than one would think and then when you have things come up out of the blue like that when you’re listening makes you realize how powerful the music/light really is. Riana's voice is magnificent and I absolutely love listening to each and every song!

Lauryn Senko, Author, Healer

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about riana

Riana Arendse is a Best Selling Author, Mystic and Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher

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