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Riana’s teachings are imbued in light and unity consciousness. She equips you with the best tools so you can be on a spiritual path of integrity. There is nowhere to hide from truth and her teachings and healings is a road map for genuine truth seekers."

Leslie Kruse - Author

About Riana

Riana Arendse (Seraph Erakiel) is an International Best Selling Author of 2 books: "You Are The Creator", "A New Miraculous Way of Being" and a best selling multi co-authored book "Calling all Earth Angels and Healers". She is a Multidimensional Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Ascended Master, Renowned Sage for the Highest Order of Angels - The Seraphim, who was born in Cape Town South Africa and educated at the University of South Africa. Studied and Certified in the fields of Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

Riana has been called one of the Great Master Teachers of our generation. She conducts teachings, accelerated training grounds and workshops for self realization, sacred events worldwide, and is a highly sought after Speaker, all focused in the fields of Leadership, Spiritual Growth, Mastery, Accelerated Healing, Enlightenment, Embodiment, The Seraphim Wisdom, System and Initiations. Riana Arendse brings to her teachings a depth and breadth of understanding of the human spiritual journey born out of her own dense immersion of spiritual initiations and experience of the contraction of personal transformation, accelerated healing and embodiment. As a Sought after Spiritual Leader, Mystic, Visionary, Mentor and Speaker; Riana has made huge waves in the Spiritual Communities and the world at large. Known for her stirring, breath-giving, luminous vocal quality and insightful profound teachings…





Lauryn Senko

Teacher, Coach & Author of, The Energy of Gratitude and More

There aren’t words to describe how I feel about Riana and how grateful I am that she is a part of my path in this lifetime. The healings and mentorship with her was nothing short of profound and impactful in my life and path ahead. This path I’m walking hasn’t been an easy one and it’s because of Riana that I continually renew my strength, Faith and commitment to keep going. 


Chloé Veska

Master Healer, Soul Mentor and Channel 

Riana's combined wisdom, loving energy and accurate insights ignited a new and rapid expansion on my journey. She reminded me of my own power and value and for that, I will always be immensely grateful to her. Riana's teachings is our reunion with mastery.


Isabelle Meiring

Lux Liberation Mentor /Founder of Ascending Woman

In the seven years I've been privileged to know and work with Riana, she never ceases to amaze me as the impeccable and clear channel she is. The information and guidance she brings through is immaculate. A true gift to anyone who is seeking and open to the highest truth.


Drawing always from her direct experience, in this life and multidimensional lives as an embodiment of Christ Consciousness, Riana brings light to the undivided nature of Life, Oneness or Consciousness with great clarity and compassion. She carries sacred keys to unlock the necessary codes for the evolutionary process for individuals and for the collective. As an activator of Divine Truth and her unparalleled access to Higher Wisdom, her passion is to teach and initiate lightworkers, visionaries, spiritual teachers, healers, bringers of love and conscious entrepreneurs into awakening and embodying their true innate Power. Through her ongoing distillation and refinement of Mastery and the Integration of her life’s curriculum... Riana has reached a level of consciousness and embodiment that allows her to operate as and from a pure frequency of unity, power, sovereign divinity, embodied love and truth.


“You will come to understand Beloved Masters that peace and chaos is interdependent; each are essential in bringing you home within the vastness of Love that you are. Because within every moment you have a choice. A choice to allow love first and foremost; and slowly you transcend into holy consciousness where your state of being is undeterred by chaos and by the perceived notion that you are separate. In this state we understand that what we are remembering ourselves to be and what we are stepping into FAR surpasses all understanding.” - Riana 

A Thought Leader, Mystic and an embodiment of the highest potential of humanity, Riana’s profound yet simple teachings and initiations have already helped countless people throughout the world find healing, Inner Peace and Greater Fulfilment in their lives. Riana is Globally recognized as a Master Teacher and Healer in the fields of Transformation of Consciousness, Mastery, Enlightenment, Healing, Spiritual Awakening and Embodiment. In conjunction with creating a movement of collective healing and elevation in consciousness, Riana Arendse founded THE SERAPHIM ORDER FOUNDATION, a non profit initiative that allows opportunities, ideas, goals, and ventures of empowerment that are aimed at awakening the Sovereign Divinity and innate Union of all Mankind. The teachings through these initiatives are based on the idea that 'the New Earth' is a state of Being first and foremost. The Seraphim Order Foundation is dedicated to accelerating the awakening and embodiment of consciousness in order to create a world we actually want to live in. For suffering to seize and a movement of healing to be catalyzed. To facilitate and support the sharing of Riana's teachings and healing worldwide. A spiritual teacher whose presence and teachings bring many followers into the profound and direct experience of one's true nature. In addition it was also created to address the overwhelming response from people who desire change within themselves, having the commitment but do not necessarily have the means to do so. Leaving a Legacy of Love and Immense Change for future generations.


“How would one realize their potential without contrast or even without struggle. Pain exists to give rise to joy.” - Riana

Throughout the duration of her life, Riana has journeyed into the depths of trauma to experience the heaviest, densest, lowest vibrations. She was placed in a spiritually unconscious state, allowing her to experience her chosen life curriculum at the deepest level, then being activated at the appropriate time to do her life's work. As shared in the first chapter of “You Are The Creator”, her compelling story, told with raw intensity how Riana barely survived years of immense sexual abuse and through her divine inner knowing that her path would eventually be revealed, Riana survived these experiences. After her 3 years of isolation and intensive self-healing Riana accessed higher states of consciousness and unbeknownst to her, would return back into her body with blueprints from the highest realms of creation that would one day serve as the Ascension Blueprint for those on the Awakening Path - known as The Seraphim Order ™. Shortly after this during a meditation, Riana was approached and commissioned by the Order of the Seraphim, (who are the direct feminine emanation of God Source and has rarely been perceived by human consciousness until now) revealing to her her souls' origination as a Seraphim Angel and the work she is here to do as part of the Seraphim council. The work was to bring The Seraphim Wisdom, Order and Initiations to humanity. The process then of merging her consciousness with her consciousness as an Angel of the Order of Seraphim had begun. Since becoming one with the Seraphim consciousness, Riana has initiated, guided and mentored many into their innate Ascended Mastery.

Over the following months, Riana experienced yet another intense Initiation; a spontaneous kundalini awakening and near death experience, and continued to be initiated into deeper levels of embodiment and made immense effort to subjugate and surrender the forces of her limited mind and heart to the centre of existence, the one energy that many call Christ consciousness, God, the Supreme Oneness, or Source.


Riana had re-emerged twice born as a beautiful new incarnation that has brought countless miracles to those who encounter her. In Riana’s experience, it was the gift of her own suffering which allowed her to have a much greater and grander viewpoint, and that has drastically changed both what she teaches, how she teaches and the way she teaches. Riana believes that through proper alignment with this essence of who we truly are, we can reclaim our life back from the state of confusion, suffering and disease. ​Through a fearless and radical investigation into the truth of the moment, Riana can assist you in spontaneously recognizing the true nature of yourself, which many describe as an experience of peace, love, compassion, or innate remembering. By bringing awareness to unconscious habits, beliefs and traumas stemming from perceived separation from the Source and, most importantly directing you to the spiritual essence that you actually are, profound shifts occur, and a powerful and positioning of your spirit takes place. With a background in Psychology, she is also a certified hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner along with embodying ancient healing methodologies brought from parallel lives - Angelic, Interplanetary as well as Galactic. Her events provide a direct and open-hearted invitation into the truth of who we are. It is one’s suffering and one's darkest moments according to Riana that becomes the greatest catalyst for authentic, awakening, enlightenment and healing. Shifting from Pain to Perspective.

"Eventually you move into a state of being and a level of consciousness where learning, achieving, grasping, seeking and searching becomes a barrier… a barrier to your realization. Moving from a state of being as one who is the student to one who is Realized. Learning, seeking, searching, fixing, grasping only becomes apparent when we perceive ourselves as separate from divine Source. And to be Realized; means to know that you are and have always been completely... One with the Creator... As the Creator." - Riana Arendse


Riana's frequency harmonically Inducts any person who's Soul is ready to heed the call... and most often as if by magic encounters her and her works to begin the journey of full inner union and embodiment. As a powerful Alchemist, Mystic and Teacher, trained in the Ancient ways of Healing and Wisdom, she knows how to teach and guide you into your realization... whilst simultaneously being a mirror of your divine potential; so that you can align and embody the unlimited potential within. Riana encourages us to strip away everything we know about ourselves, our lives, and Unbecome; in order to fully be aligned with the TRUTH of who we are – Riana’s Teachings remind us that We Are God Source experiencing itself through form and as many streams of consciousness incarnate, only to realize itself once again as God through the process of ascension and unbecoming. She also explains that the only inquiry that is truly ever needed, is the enquiry into who we truly are. That the answer to this question ultimately becomes the solution to our perceived problems.


" There is no greater bliss than to know who you are and then embodying that truth." - Riana


My sincere wish for everyone is to experience themselves as they Truly Are, to WAKE UP and remember their divinity. And so I pose the question: Are you willing and ready to die to everything you think you know? And awaken to the knowing that who you truly are was really never born, can never really die, and is always free? Once you realize that the way things are right now is not enough or not in alignment with your soul, that there is something more, your spiritual journey has already begun. And as the doors of Perception are cleansed, everything will appear to you as it truly is, as infinite and all encompassing . You then become an embodiment of love simply because you see the oneness in everything, and everyone." - Riana


Susan Kennard

Internationally renowned Spiritual Scientist and Author

“I had the pleasure of interviewing beautiful Riana on my podcast a few months ago. Thereafter Riana gave me the most beautiful reading and healing that I’ve had for a long time. And being a spiritual scientist and channel for Source for a very long time, I very rarely work with people and i’m quite choosy, but with Riana I just felt this real affinity with her. And I was blown away by what she was seeing, reading and the healing that came through, it was just absolutely beautiful on many many levels and some of the things that she told me was just incredible, and for her to tell me that was amazing. It was absolutely brilliant! I highly recommend her!”


Hope Merenene

Intuitive Healer | Spiritual Teacher

"Riana is a beautiful soul, with a deep mission here on earth.  She is here to support others' journeys, as she has walked her own -- with grace, love, strength, and mastery.  Riana carries a rare connection to the Seraphim Order enabling pure and direct healing transmission to come through her words.  She is a gift to humanity. A master teacher with a deep level of compassion, a deep level of knowing and a deep level of truth.  She carries a clarity of sight, an all-encompassing love, and an embodied wisdom that is

rare.  Speaking to her is like speaking directly with the Seraphim.  Riana's voice is soothing and transformative; almost as if the Seraphim angelic realm sings, transmits and heals through her spoken words.  A true blessing!" 

“Beloved… Celebrate all the ways you’ve made and created yourself.” - Riana 


At the core of her teachings lies the Transformation of Consciousness, Realization, Embodiment and Spiritual Surrender that she sees as the next step in Human Evolution. ​Often referred to as a transmission of Power, Riana has the ability to channel healing energy through the sound of her voice, allowing you to directly experience the teachings Riana’s words convey. Riana is also a channel for angelic light music and sound healing and it truly is something to experience.


Riana’s teachings are directed to those who are sincerely called to awaken to their true nature and embody this life-changing realization.

Riana’s task as a Teacher is not to answer your questions, but to question your answers. As it is your Conscious and Unconscious ideas, assumptions, beliefs, judgments images and labels that distort your Perception and cause you to see separation and division where there is actually only Oneness and Completeness.


In short, her teaching is focused on realizing who and what you are. You may find other elements in her teaching that simply arise as a response to people’s particular needs of the moment, but fundamentally Riana is only interested in you waking up fully and coming into union with the Self. Awakening from powerlessness to the reality of your Infinite and limitless possibility.

"This journey leads only to cultivate a new way of Being. But this New way of Being is the most magnificent and powerful expression of your soul. Your Highest potential fully and completely Expressed and Embodied." - Riana


There's a reason why Riana’s students become wildly successful, Liberated Embodied Spiritual Masters, Healers and Enlightened Entrepreneurs.




It's the natural consequence of coming Home, coming into Union with Self, embodying True Self Mastery and Deep Connection to all of Creation.


Riana’s students are Proof. It becomes your Lived Reward. 


“Riana Arendse is one such spiritual leader whose teachings guide you towards the voice of your own heart, your own inner truth and how to embody your Highest Self. Through online offerings and bestselling publications, she is a guide for so many people worldwide. Her journey inspires the healing of countless seekers and people around the globe. She is the voice of hope, inspiration, and a refuge for many who feel lost to themselves and the world.

As Riana says, “claiming and embodying your sovereignty is a daily journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-love that can and will heal all wounds. It must, it already exists.” She is a prominent figure in the global spiritual community and her extraordinary and non-conventional teaching approach has made her an internationally loved Spiritual Teacher.” - Fabworld Today

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“What I mirror and point to, is that you can have a direct relationship with The Creator - without any intermediaries. This truth and ultimately… embodiment, makes you graduate from being a student of life, perceiving yourself and your life through the eyes of separation; to Being The Creator of life. I don’t give your old identity external spiritual tools, with the illusion that they will change your reality. You will go beyond this… by realizing your True Self… we go straight to the Source. And because you are now seeing through the eyes of your Creator self.. lack and limitation naturally falls away. You take back full responsibility in any situation, experience and every area of your life - eliminating the separation between you and the Creator. Because Beloved... you are now realized as one with the Creator. You are the Revelation.”

- Riana Arendse

Excerpt from the Mastery Retreat 2022

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