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Riana would like to hear from you

Riana is grateful for all the messages and love she receives from her followers and fans, but is unable to respond personally to any messages sent through this channel.

Please be aware that this is a support channel for questions about Events, Premium membership, programs/courses, technical issues, feedback, media inquiries, etc.

Thanks for submitting!


If you are a member of the media and have a question regarding Riana Arendse, please send your requests via the contact form below or contact

Please reference “About Riana” page as a resource for Riana Arendse.  Any copy from this page can be used as a byline for articles, blog posts or anything affiliated with Riana Arendse. The section of Riana's “About Riana” serves as written consent for the use of anything related to Riana utilized and / or referenced on a media or social media website.

For podcasts, radio, speaking engagements or television interviews please contact Riana's team via the contact form below or contact

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