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-Susan Kennard  (Internationally Renowned Spiritual Scientist and Founder of Awaken Your Gifts – Sparkle to Success)

“I had the pleasure of interviewing beautiful Riana on my podcast a few months ago. Thereafter Riana gave me the most beautiful reading and healing that I’ve had for a long time. And being a spiritual scientist and channel for Source for a very long time, I very rarely work with people and i’m quite choosy, but with Riana I just felt this real affinity with her. And I was blown away by what she was seeing, reading and the healing that came through, it was just absolutely beautiful on many many levels and some of the things that she told me was just incredible, and for her to tell me that was amazing. It was absolutely brilliant! I highly recommend her!”



Sandesh M R - India

“It feels like I am looking at the world with new and fresh eyes.. looking forward for further integration.:)” my whole body feels different.. I can think more using my heart.. the program is straight out of a science fiction movie.. 6 audio files that can change the perception of living the everyday life.. Riana can speak parsel tongue to remind every Harry Potter on the planet of his/her true nature".



Angelo Craig – Cape Town, South Africa

Working with Riana has help me connect me to who i truly am. The perfect quote i can use to explain this is "I am the Soul and this is my body"...(Read that about 3 to 5 times) I am the soul and this is my body. I found myself and found my soul purpose. Within chasing that i find myself subject to a lot of blessings and in another chapter in my life that i am looking very much forward too :). Its been a while since i have been this excited but i say BRING IT ON!


Stacey Hitter - Cape Town, South Africa

I suffered from anxiety and depression and really wanted to heal and start living again. I contacted Riana as I was ready to start therapy and begin my healing journey. She is more than just a therapist, she is a healer, a teacher and so much more.

After our first session, I felt like a new person I went through total transformation. I smiled more, laughed more, talked more, I practically came out of hiding, I was happier and more me. If my journey with Riana was a book or a movie it would be called how Stacey got her groove back.

Riana is a gem I will recommend her to everyone I come across. 


K Timothy – Toronto, Canada

Riana’s work is amazingly potent. She resides in a space of immense depth and clarity. From that view she is able to help illuminate what is not fully seen. Her intuition is laser sharp and accurate as she skillfully, compassionately, supports deepening into truth and freedom. Her presence offers an embrace of unconditional love and safety. She is the Divine Feminine embodied both in her gentleness and her strength.


Kimberley Grayson - Orlando, Florida

Just had the most wonderful healing session !!!i had never had one before so I was a little skeptical on how someone could do this without being near me, but I could feel the energy and tingling in my body as she was working on me. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, high anxiety, depression. And I feel so energized right now it’s amazing. So hard to explain. I just want to smile which I don’t do much .. thank you so much for my healing you are the best... much love to you Riana Thank you for unblocking me and opening me up


Diane Harris – Liverpool, England

WOW, is all I can say!!! just had a healing session with this beautiful soul and I'm totally blown away by how I felt during and now after our session. I could feel the angelic engery during our session and have came away from it feel lighter, happy and much for confident. Very excited for my future but at the same time happy to be in the moment 💜💫. would highly recommend this amazing lady. so glad iv met her and will definitely be using her services again


Terry Lumpkin – New York

I don’t think I could thank Riana enough. Literally felt and saw her energy in my healing. And I feel
Like. A angel sent her to me. Thank you again so much. Love and light.


Christina Schram -Montreal, Quebec

This beautiful woman is truly connected to spirit. you know deep within that you are genuinely listening to spirit in that exact moment. I just felt surrounded in love


Kristen Numen (Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Activator, Spirit Guide Communicator,  Certified Kundalini Reiki Master and Teacher)

I had the pleasure of completing the Seraphim Program and a session with Riana. This course truly assisted my soul in releasing all that no longer serves me, but mostly assisting in realizing who I truly am. Riana is a pure clear channel of the Divine and my soul could truly feel it. I have had certain deeply rooted subconscious beliefs that I was finally able to break free of during the Seraphim sessions. I feel as if I have been born again, looking at life and myself through new eyes. OH MY GOODNESS the amount of gifts opening up!!! SO much has happened just with the Seraphim Program, and now MORE since our session!! I highly recommend The Seraphim Program, and any chance to work with Riana one on one. Riana is truly a blessing. 

Kristen Numen


Joanne Montalvo

"The Telesummit Group Process successfully healed my chronic back pain! After listening, I experienced a massive release of heaviness from my back which has since shifted completely Thanks for the help Riana!" 



Leslie Kruse

“Working with Riana in her mystery school has been an amazing experience for me at all levels. If you are ready for the real deal, you will not regret it.
Riana’s teaching are imbued in light and unity consciousness. She equips you with the best tools so you can be on a spiritual path of integrity and truth.
There is nowhere to hide from truth and her teachings and healings is a road map for genuine truth seekers."