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The Seraphim Order Foundation, which was founded and created by Spiritual Teacher Riana Arendse also provides scholarship opportunities to a select few people once a year. One of these scholarships allows one to have the opportunity to be personally mentored by Riana Arendse for a period of 3 to 6 months. 


Private Mentorship Scholarship Applications

This Exciting Opportunity to be personally mentored by Riana is only offered once a year to a select few initiates. We receive hundreds of applications, however Riana is only able to provide a few spaces to a handful of committed individuals.

Should you be interested and committed to beginning your personal Spiritual Mentorship journey of Healing and Transformation with Riana, please send us an email which includes the following points, to be considered. Only those who are successful and with whom Riana feels would be an ideal match, will be considered. We will however keep all applications for future reviews and consideration each year.

Included in your email application, please include the following:

  • A brief description about your spiritual, personal and developmental path thus far.

  • Motivation as to why you feel you are the perfect fit.

  • Describe your level of commitment to healing as well as how flexible your time schedule is

  • Let us know if you have or have not had the opportunity to access any of Riana's programs or events before.

  • Do you intend or are you working as a spiritual guide, teacher, way shower or healer in any capacity. Please provide additional details.

  • Tell us a bit about what you intend to gain out of this intensive experience, should you be accepted.

Please send all applications to, subject line (SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION)

Every day is an opportunity for growth, every day is an opportunity for change. And every day is an opportunity to stand in the brilliance of who you really are. It is time to get out of the box we have put ourselves in, the limits and limitations that we have placed within our own psyche. As you tap into yourself, your soul, your oversoul, your spirit, all things are possible.

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