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Unifying our field of Light -Anchoring as a Divine Bridge for ALL

Beloved Master... Please join us to anchor our unified light and creation power as a divine bridge for all those needing energetic, emotional, mental and physical support. Help us flow Divine Embodied Love, Peace, Restoration, Balance and Healing to ALL of Humanity and our Beloved Mother Earth. 


As the energies of transformation, destruction and rebirth continue to rise we will gather together heart to heart, soul to soul and strengthen our organic template and tapestry of Unified Consciousness to bring comfort and support to all Beings. ⁠


Join us on the 1st of each new month - for a Global Masters Light Meditation at 2pm PT / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET / 9pm GMT / 11pm SAST. Meditate in a way that is most comfortable for you or sit in stillness for 30 minutes, as we create a unifying field of Divine Love anchored through our states of embodied light.


Connect with you all soon!

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