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A place for you to awaken, learn, master and embody all that wants to be birthed through you. No matter on which level of Awakening or Embodiment you are on, this is where you will get Exclusive Access to Tools and Support to Awaken your Divinity, Accelerate your Healing, Come home to the Luminous Master you are, Cultivate a New Miraculous Way of Being, access Higher levels of Spiritual Mastery and embody your Ancient Souls Divine Blueprint. 


The Mastery Membership


Will This Healing Ever Stop? Will I ever get over this threshold?

We find ourselves looking and searching for ways to better our lives, grow, be happy and transform into our greatest untapped potential and yet we cannot see an end in sight to the pain, suffering and what seems like stuckness. And so this attitude fuels all kinds of addictions by convincing us that we must escape our realities or even yet continue to resist what the Universe actually wants to cocreate with us. We cannot see the bigger greater picture, we cannot seem to dig ourselves out of the hole we've been in and we cannot seem to get anywhere with our current healing journeys. We are tired of the trying, fixing, seeking and searching.

Do You Want To Know What Is True?

All of these experiences is the catalyst for cultivating Self Mastery and ultimately coming into Union with self. This is actually what is calling you - what is calling you Home. This is the deep longing for Oneness and Wholeness within you. It is an indication that you are expanding, transforming and becoming conscious and aware.

You are evolving into what you are meant for.
You are giving birth to and cultivating a new way of Being and a new life. Your only axis of power and choice is to be in reality and to see the truth, the absolute truth. Letting go of the story we tell ourselves and by facing the truth and facing reality, committing to your healing and your ultimate realization of Self. Through this you will be empowered to take the necessary mental, emotional and physical steps towards accelerated improvement and healing based on these gained awareness. This path is not for one who wants a quick fix, it is for the one who is courageous enough to die unto the small self in order to embody the true self. This membership goes beyond seeking, fixing, trying, suffering, searching, grasping and into the resting awareness of the Soul.. your ever-present true nature.

Message from Riana

Beloved Masters

Have you ever been addressed as you truly are?

Here in this space is where you will be acknowledged, seen, addressed and held as you truly are. Should you choose to walk with me… the old way of being will slowly be dismantled to allow for the full resonance of your being to come online.

In this space, you will align with the dream of your Soul, your ancient majestic birthright, be initiated into your most Sacred Natural Blueprint of who you truly are. Move beyond trying, fixing, suffering, and seeking and over the threshold into the depths of all that wants to be birthed through you. This is a place for the Masters, for the Visionaries, for the holders of Light and bringers of Love.


This is the place for you… if you are ready to heed the call… a calling that’s always been there. Some of us avoid responding and others leap despite the fear. The calling is an inner sacred longing to come home to yourself. Fully, completely and without reservation.  This calling will take you all the way, beyond all that is known and into the unknown, to places the mind cannot imagine.

Beloved, your offering, your service, your very nature is much to powerful to be contained, limited and suppressed. How you serve, through your state of being is what is calling you… here it’s not about doing anymore, it’s about coming back into the effortless nature of the Soul… into Being - your Mastery.

I do not teach you anything your Soul does not already know… I only guide and hold space for you to recognize and embody the truth that was in your being all along.

If you are not living in union with your full Soul resonance… it just means you might still be anchored into the old blueprint, paradigm or way and state of being. This must be dissolved, integrated and aligned with your Souls Dream for you..

Here in this sacred space, I will call forward your inner most Preciousness, Power and Presence to begin to be embodied fully.

Beloved... On a daily basis, through my mentorships, events and programs I get to connect with Souls from all over this beautiful globe. All with the same underlying and deeply rooted intention and desire - to come home to themselves. To reconnect with an internal sense of Peace, Love, profound clarity and existential innate Presence and Power.


I offer my membership as a sacred container that will allow the cultivation of Mastery, Embodiment and dissolution of feedback loops of incessant thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and traumas - in order to make space for the wisdom of the soul to come through and reveal to you all that you carry and have carried for eons.


For those who are called to have access to my teachings, healing and Masterful activations and initiations - I commune with my members once a month and I know it would serve you in the most profound ways. And this is your calling…


Remember that when we commune


In the name of Truth,


In the name of a genuine desire to answer the call of our Higher Selves,


In the name of consistently dissolving layers of falsity and misperception, In the name of Embodiment and moving over the thresholds of the old structures and paradigms


In the name of being supported along this interconnected path of returning to Oneness, to the one you’ve always been…


Do not underestimate the potency of transformation that can occur over a short and sustained amount of time.


When we enter these masterful sacred containers,


We are revealed the illusory nature of time.


In these environments we collapse time and can make incredible quantum shifts.

If you are ready to commit to yourself and go all in… we welcome you!

What would it feel like to realize the true you and live as ALL of You?


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The Masters Circle

The Masters Circle is powerful, simple and affordable way to consistently invest in and be guided toward your own healing, your own medicine and your own realization.
It supports our deepest desire to help you manifest the full potency of Riana's teachings into all areas of your life. It has been created as a way to help you take a deep breath of relief.  During each transmission, Riana will walk you through practices and teachings specifically channelled to help your bodies heal from lifetimes of trauma, unravel limiting belief patterns, reconnect in more sovereign alignment with the Universe, and begin to cultivate a level of Spiritual Mastery very rarely seen today. Facilitating these calls each month provides a consistency that will amplify your ability to stay grounded amid the accelerated times. Riana's teachings goes way beyong mainstream spirituality. Here we go straight to the Source... to be realized as the Source.

The Masters Circle, is a Sacred Container that will CHALLENGE and ALCHEMIZE everything the small limited self has come to know about expansion, service, aligned business, innate power, embodiment and healing.

This is for you if you’d like access to all of Riana's unique offerings and get the very best guidance available on everything:


Accelerated Healing

Cellular Energetic Regeneration


Source Code Activations and Initiations

Deep emotional excavation and healing of karmic fractures 

True Spiritual Deepening that is rooted and grounded into the absolute Core of Reality

Globally Celebrated Teacher and Healer Riana Arendse has been trained and initiated by the Highest Order of Angels and the Highest Ascended Teachers available to us for over 20 years. These intense years of partnerships at senior levels of spirit means she has been initiated into ‘high spiritual authority’, through this has experienced intense curated training grounds created by the Divine to activate and cultivate her Master Level Embodiment in order to create accelerated change to a person’s soul evolution, and embodiment of their spiritual leadership and innate Power. Riana does not only talk the talk but has absolutely walked the walk in terms of her own spiritual advancement, realization and embodied self-mastery. 


“Riana Arendse is one such spiritual leader whose teachings guide you towards the voice of your own heart, your own inner truth and how to embody your Highest Self. Through online offerings and bestselling publications, she is a guide for so many people worldwide. Her journey inspires the healing of countless seekers and people around the globe. She is the voice of hope, inspiration, and a refuge for many who feel lost to themselves and the world.

As Riana says, “claiming and embodying your sovereignty is a daily journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-love that can and will heal all wounds. It must, it already exists.” She is a prominent figure in the global spiritual community and her extraordinary and non-conventional teaching approach has made her an internationally loved Spiritual Teacher.” - Fabworld Today


K Timothy – Toronto, Canada

Riana’s work is amazingly potent. She resides in a space of immense depth and clarity. From that view she is able to help illuminate what is not fully seen. Her intuition is laser sharp and accurate as she skillfully, compassionately, supports deepening into truth and freedom. Her presence offers an embrace of unconditional love and safety. She is the Divine Feminine embodied both in her gentleness and her strength.


Terry Lumpkin – New York

I don’t think I could thank Riana enough. Literally felt and saw her energy in my healing. And I feel
Like. A angel sent her to me. Thank you again so much. Love and light.


Christina Schram -Montreal, Quebec

This beautiful woman is truly connected to spirit. you know deep within that you are genuinely listening to spirit in that exact moment. I just felt surrounded in love

“If you are ready for the real deal, you will not regret it.
Riana’s teachings are imbued in light and unity consciousness. She equips you with the best tools so you can be on a spiritual path of integrity and truth. There is nowhere to hide from truth and her teachings and healings is a road map for genuine truth seekers.” - Leslie Kruse, M.D.

Unlock the membership from only $69 per month for a Limited Time ONLY normally $99 per month and you get instant access to new videos, programs and tools to truly move your forward so you can learn how to create a life inclusive of authenticity, Purpose and fulfillment.

Who is this Membership For:

Choose The Premium Annual Membership And You Will receive 2 months Free!



If you decide the Masters Circle isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase and receive a full refund.


Here’s how the Masters Circle can help!

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The Mastery Membership Content is a doorway to the life of Riana Arendse and her latest teachings. It is Riana in her daily life, her life-changing teachings as well as spontaneous bonuses. Here she shares her latest insights, and her exercises in practice. Premium Content is updated every month!

"I created the Masters Circle to help you design a spiritual practice you can stick to — so you can feel connected, aligned, supported and inspired every day. But not just that, to enable you to begin or rapidly accelerate your Ascension Journey of Realization, Transformation, Awakening and Embodiment, by having ongoing access to my teachings and healing transmissions.

Each month I deliver you brand-new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone or tablet."

What to expect


Each monthly channeled transmission is created by the Angels and Highest Ascended Teachers to work with the current energies you are experiencing in your life, helping you to fully embrace and move through the depth of healing that is available to you in your life experiences. 


Additionally monthly you will receive an audio teaching or meditation as well as periodically; a newsletter, audio or video channeled by Riana with tips, teaching reiterations, Q&As and integration exercises to further support your process. This program has been designed to help you stay steeped, aligned, and grounded in the incredibly sacred energy being transmitted through Riana’s most up-to-date and potent teachings.

As a member, you will receive access to over $15000 worth of meditations, mandalas, music, events and programs all dedicated to help you hear, realize and embody the calls of your soul. These include Free Access to 8 of Riana's previous programs as well as Free access to All upcoming New programs, courses and online events... for as long as you are a member. This is Priceless! 

The Seraphim Order Program

Accelerate your Journey to Inner Union

Integrating to Wholeness

Commune in Pure Presence

Seraphim Mentorship program

Journey of the Divine Feminine

A New Miraculous Way of Being - the program

Transform through Feeling - Emotional Healing

Resurgence - your Greatest Embodiment

As an added bonus and for as long as you're a member you will be permanently placed within the Sacred Chamber of Accelerated Healing. The Sacred Healing Chambers are a unique offering from The Mighty Seraphim, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and The Council of Light.

These chambers provide profound healing and integration of body, mind, and soul. The Sacred Healing Chamber bathes and infuses the recipient, both day and night, with the purist frequencies of Divine Love energy sent directly from the Divine Heart of Creator. This works in a way that being in the chamber of healing, continually attunes your awareness to greater and greater self-realizations of your whole sovereign soul.

Your Exclusive Mastery Membership Benefits Include:

You will be placed within the Sacred Chamber of Accelerated Healing for as long as you're a member

1 Audio/Video Transmission with Riana per month

Exclusive Access to Riana's Sound Healing Music Sanctum

12 Silent Meditation Audios and 6 Sacred Attuned Mandalas

Periodical Question-and-answer group sessions with Riana

Yearly membership includes: 2 Months Free!

Access to the last 12 months Archived Monthly Transmissions

Members FREE Access to ALL Upcoming Online Events

Members-only DISCOUNTS on Mentorships and in-person Events

Exclusive FREE Access to 9 Programs AND ALL New Programs/Courses

1 MP3 Audio Recording Teaching or Meditation per month

" Riana is such a gift to the world. Wow! I have never experienced an energy like this before. It felt like there were electric circuits going off in my brain after the first members call with Riana. It sent me deep into healing but then stronger and more powerful than ever before. It freaked me out a bit, I'm not going to lie, but I think that's because I've never truly opened up or aligned to that level of consciousness before. Riana you have lit the spark in me again! Thank you!


- Jennifer H

"Riana's potent work has helped save my life as well as my children's lives, by Awakening within us our ability to self-heal. Unbeknownst to me I had been subconsciously preparing to be initiated by and through Riana, and on our first encounter in my private session, my path had been revealed. I was initiated and my healing accelerated so quickly, opportunities opened up like absolute magic and I now live with so much joy, peace and truth. My journey with Riana has taken me from working a 9 to 5 job to now living my purpose as a spiritual teacher and author. It is true an encounter with Riana is always divinely pre-planned. When you meet her know that you are now ready to be catapulted!


- Isabella 

Working with Riana has help me connect me to who i truly am. I found myself and found my soul purpose. Within chasing that i find myself subject to a lot of blessings and in another chapter in my life that i am looking very much forward too :). Its been a while since i have been this excited but i say BRING IT ON!

- Angelo Craig

"It's like it was predestined, Riana meets me right when I'm about to take the next biggest step on my spiritual journey. Her potency to initiate and activate one into Mastery, truly does accelerate one's path a million fold. She is like an Embodied ascended master who sees you, truly sees you and miraculously gives you the stepping stones needed to embody your Highest potential. Her work and energy is potent. I have worked in this field for over 25 years and I have never experienced a caliber of divine power in physical form as her. Her expertise and deep connection with the Divine is absolutely amazing and felt so tangibly."


- Cathleen


"That message on today’s one call was worth the entire year's membership! WOW, it was momentous!" Jeanne

"The monthly calls are always so wonderful, and sacred and I look forward to receiving them every month!" Lauryn

The Mastery Membership

Besides the amazing bonuses above, the main purpose of the Mastery Membership is having access to an energetic container that holds an unparalleled level of consciousness and within this community of Masters. This community created by Riana and her council, only for Mastery members has been on the forefront of Riana's mind and heart for a while now. 


The main reason why being a part of this community is so amazing, is because instead of just having access to Riana and her work through a Once Off event or once off program, here you have Ongoing access to Riana's teachings, activations, initiations and support.


This is and will be a community of committed lightworkers, leaders, wayshowers and spiritual entrepreneurs who come together each month to move through the journey of Full Realization to achieve a level of Mastery not embodied before. Receiving ongoing advanced healing transmissions, teachings and up-to-date  Source Codes and frequencies. 

Are you ready to live the highest truth as a fully embodied Master and realized Creator?


Do you wish you had more time to digest your healing journey and create space for a new 'unlimited potential' to unfold? 

Would you love to put all the teachings and practices into action with the on-going support of a trusted Guide?


Would you love to leave the old behind and fully commit to your healing path and be the walking embodiment of your Highest potential in this lifetime? 

Would you love your Soul led business to be fully aligned with your new expanded state of consciousness? (there is no separation) your business is you.


If so, then please join us for Riana's ongoing Masters Circle. This will most likely be the last program you will ever need to finally receive the last truth and come home to yourSelf. Beloved Creator.


If you are ready for the Universe to guide you step-by-step throughout each level of your soul’s journey and to help you manifest the most incredible results in the most exciting and fulfilling way, then you are ready to enter the bliss of Mastery Membership. 

Exclusive Membership Opportunity


It's the next best thing to working with Riana one on one for a fraction of the investment!


“Riana. I just want to be in your presence is all I can think of to say, your energy is extraordinary and it takes my breath away.” - Maria

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This is the kind of membership that will continue to serve you month after month and year after year. Riana easily keeps you busy growing, expanding and elevating for years to come here and the value is one of a kind for those ready to go beyond facades and dogmas, surface level healing and become truly embodied and empowered as Spiritual Masters and Awakened Healers. 


There's a reason why Riana’s students become wildly successful, Liberated Embodied Spiritual Masters, Healers and Enlightened Entrepreneurs.




It's the natural consequence of coming Home, coming into Union with Self, embodying True Self Mastery, Healing and Deep Connection to all of Creation.


Riana’s clients are Proof. It becomes your Lived Reward. 


The Sound Healing Sanctum


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Choose the subscription option that’s best for you!
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Normally $99 per month, but for a Limited Time Only get Access to the Mastery Membership for only $69

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • Exclusive Access to 8 Programs AND New Programs/Courses
    • Ongoing placement within the Sacred Chamber of Healing
    • Members-only DISCOUNTS on Mentorships and in-person Events
    • Members FREE Access to ALL Upcoming Online Events
    • 1 Audio/Video Transmission with Riana per month
    • Periodical Q&A with Riana
    • Access to the last 6 months Archived Monthly Transmissions
    • Access to The Music Sanctum
    • 12 Silent Meditation Audios and 6 Sacred Attuned Mandalas
  • Yearly Membership

    Every year
    • Exclusive Access to 8 Programs AND New Programs/Courses
    • Ongoing placement within the Sacred Chamber of Healing
    • Members-only DISCOUNTS on Mentorships and in-person Events
    • Members FREE Access to ALL Upcoming Online Events
    • 1 Audio/Video Transmission with Riana per month
    • Periodical Q&A with Riana
    • Access to the last 6 months Archived Monthly Transmissions
    • 1 MP3 Audio Recording Teaching or Meditation per month
    • 12 Silent Meditation Audios and 6 Sacred Attuned Mandalas
    • 2 Months FREE Membership
    • Access to The Music Sanctum
  • The Sound Healing Sanctum

    Every month
    Mastery Music Membership
    • Access to All of Riana's current and future music
    • Each month a new sound healing audio or video will be added
    • Songs will either be available to stream and or download
    • Unlimited downloads on downloadable music
    • Unlimited music streaming
  • The Sound Healing Sanctum - Business

    Every month
    Mastery Music Membership
    • Used for commercial playback..
    • Unlimited downloads on downloadable music
    • Unlimited Streaming
    • Business use ie yoga studios, videos, ads, commercial use
    • Access to ALL of Riana's existing and future music
    • One new music audio/video uploaded each month

All plans are recurring until cancelled

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“I am so incredibly grateful, this membership came at the exact time I needed it and had asked the Universe to provide me with the support I needed. And within the first week of immersing myself in the meditations, healing music and course material I have received a profound shift - a complete healing for an injury I was told would require surgery and I’ve also felt my whole body being immersed in a kind of healing sleep. I’m not sure I’ve ever slept so much, usually I can’t sleep because of pain. Thank you Riana Arendse for making resources that were out of my current reach available for me. I’m incredibly grateful and send you all my love ”

- Lorraine Wilson

“I feel like I wouldn't be this far ahead if it weren't for being in this membership! It's truly an amazing, magical, spiritual experience that really sets itself apart from other spiritual memberships. It's like "none other" and I'm loving it!! Everything is unfolding for me in Divine Timing and everything you have released/created (music, meditations, programs has all happened for me in Diving timing!! I love it!! ” 

- Lauryn Senko (healer and author)


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