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Are you ready to Un-Become? Dive deeper into your Spiritual journey with one of Riana's most Powerful online programs and courses for healing, transformation, self mastery, leadership and the highest conscious source initiations

Welcome to our Modern Mystery School of Self Mastery and Healing. Every curriculum can be returned to again and again for a lifetime of learning. Although the curriculum series was created in a linear sequence, and progresses to advanced levels of consciousness and embodiment... it was channeled in such a way that your higher self will guide you to your unique starting point with this material.



The Journey you will begin to take now... stems from an inner longing to know God, therefore to know thyself. 

You may find yourself on any level of the journey of healing, realization and embodiment... whether this is your first exploration or you have been a lifelong learner, seeker, healer or teacher.

The natural phases of healing, transformation, realization, embodiment and inner union consists of a number of levels and here within this sacred container you are guided and held through all of them:


Unbecoming and Clearing



Expression and Service

And throughout all of these spiritual phases of remembering, realization and embodiment, your level of service expands... because your level of consciousness expands

Beloved... your state of being is how you serve. It is your business, your offering, it also determines what you call to and repel from you. Walking this journey naturally transforms your world from the inside out. If you are ready and you are here... you have listened, and heeded the call.


Beloved Master we Welcome You!

Beloved… Experience yourself outside of every belief, opinion and story you have about yourself, you will then see beyond the limitations of the mind, and realize your true essence, your true power. Miracles then naturally unfold, when you open up to a life of embodiment and realization where you and the Source live as one.”

~ Riana Arendse

Message from Riana

"Beloved we say to you now that...You are part of this world because you have something to offer to this world. You have significance.

Up until now you’ve only been scratching the surface of your magnificence, your innate power and worth.

We say to you today beloved… that the ONLY permanent and definitive thing in this world is the light of your own divinity and your divinity is much too radical and powerful to let you live a boring mundane life. When you touch into the light of your soul –– oh the places you will go! Both willingly and with resistance. Beloved… Self-mastery and Embodiment in and of itself ONLY unfurls from surfing the unknown. And this absolutely takes courage.

Sometimes the extreme suffering of your life forces you to release and surrender out that long held fears which limits your greatness. It’s within these shadowy spaces that you access the hidden holy temples of who you truly are. 

I am here as a mirror and guide so that you can be in a profound relationship with ALL of your feelings, with all of your intuition and all of your not-knowing, with all of your personal power and all of your wounding, with all of your fears and all of your greatest dreams. This is what is happening inside of you anyway. Every day. ALL of it, all of the time.

 Stepping into the Sacred Circle with us is about receiving the support you deserve for learning how to be in a relationship with The Everything inside of you. How to create space for it and how to begin to embody it FULLY. There is no feeling or experience that cancels out the truth of your sovereign divinity. And it’s returning to this truth that ultimately brings you to realizing who and what you truly are. And then being a full expression of this truth."



We are happy to answer all of your questions about Riana’s life changing programs and courses. Discover what program is right for you by contacting Riana's support team now! 

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Words of Love


Lauryn Senko

Teacher,Coach & Author of, The Energy of Gratitude and More

There aren’t words to describe how I feel about Riana and how grateful I am that she is a part of my path in this lifetime. The healings and mentorship with her was nothing short of profound and impactful in my life and path ahead. This path I’m walking hasn’t been an easy one and it’s because of Riana that I continually renew my strength, Faith and commitment to keep going. 


Chloé Veska

Master Healer, Soul Mentor and Channel 

Riana's combined wisdom, loving energy and accurate insights ignited a new and rapid expansion on my journey. She reminded me of my own power and value and for that, I will always be immensely grateful to her. Riana's teachings is our reunion with mastery.


Isabelle Meiring

Lux Liberation Mentor /Founder of Ascending Woman

In the seven years I've been privileged to know and work with Riana, she never ceases to amaze me as the impeccable and clear channel she is. The information and guidance she brings through is immaculate. A true gift to anyone who is seeking and open to the highest truth.


Susan Kennard

Internationally renowned Spiritual Scientist and Author

“I had the pleasure of interviewing beautiful Riana on my podcast a few months ago. Thereafter Riana gave me the most beautiful reading and healing that I’ve had for a long time. And being a spiritual scientist and channel for Source for a very long time, I very rarely work with people and i’m quite choosy, but with Riana I just felt this real affinity with her. And I was blown away by what she was seeing, reading and the healing that came through, it was just absolutely beautiful on many many levels and some of the things that she told me was just incredible, and for her to tell me that was amazing. It was absolutely brilliant! I highly recommend her!”


Hope Merenene

Intuitive Healer | Spiritual Teacher

"Riana is a beautiful soul, with a deep mission here on earth.  She is here to support others' journeys, as she has walked her own -- with grace, love, strength, and mastery.  Riana carries a rare connection to the Seraphim Order enabling pure and direct healing transmission to come through her words.  She is a gift to humanity. A master teacher with a deep level of compassion, a deep level of knowing and a deep level of truth.  She carries a clarity of sight, an all-encompassing love, and an embodied wisdom that is

rare.  Speaking to her is like speaking directly with the Seraphim.  Riana's voice is soothing and transformative; almost as if the Seraphim angelic realm sings, transmits and heals through her spoken words.  A true blessing!" 

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