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Eternal Grace is your connection to your eternal self as the Universe, Creator and as Consciousness in all its expressions and forms – it is expansion, unity, creation, liberation, healing, illumination,  timelessness and divine love. And so as you listen...this will be your experience. You will open up to more of YOU, your vastness and ground this into form. When creating this Live light sound healing album, Riana allowed the songs to flow through, simply being a vessel for this pure Source Love to pour and express itself through her being. As a channel, healer and teacher of enlightenment and spiritual mastery; and as a skilled classically trained vocalist… Riana brings through Angelic Light Sound Music for healing and accelerated transformation. The purpose and intention of this album is for you to reconnect and access that space inside of you that is pure, divine, and sacred. Once you connect to this radiant light inside of you, you reclaim the vastness of your soul’s essence, which is love... and you begin to embody it more and more each day.



Surrender was created and designed for the seekers, Lightworkers, healers, lifelong students of spirituality, leaders, masters, guides and bringers of love… to bring you into deeper states of surrender, home and embodied love.


This channeled light, ancient, etheric musical journey gently guides your being through the phases of radical acceptance, release, allowing and surrender….The journey of least resistance and divine truth. Where through allowing God.. your Source into your experience, you find that you are naturally anchored into greater clarity, knowing and truth.



Rebirth… a powerful channeled light sound healing album designed to support you in connecting ever so deeply to Source Light, taking you through an energetic, emotional and transformative experiential journey of closing old cycles of grief, sadness, stuckness, trauma, suffering, loneliness and separation.


Anchoring in the new season, phase and beginning of your individual path of enlightenment and healing. It is infused with light codes of renewal, rebirth and extraordinary transformation.



Illumination... takes you on a journey of deeper and greater embodiment and expression. As you awaken your soul, integrate all of your power, blossom with the ancient wisdom of your soul… your divine blueprint activates, your angelic wings unfurls, and you rise up as a timeless Being of Light, Love, Truth and Power. 


These sound healing transmissions are extraordinarily powerful and transformative. It is a profound and expansive energetic container of pure Divine Source Consciousness that allows you to make space for and anchor your greatest soul embodiment and illumination… all possibilities made manifest in the infinity of now. 

***Full description of each song can be accessed by clicking on the description icon on the Album.


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'Creation' is an embodiment and transformational sound healing journey that takes you through the thresholds of self limitation, powerlessness and integrates all of the healing you have already done and are in the process of undergoing into form.


It is the culmination of your Mastery and Creation Power now being integrated and anchored into your daily embodiment. Where you become the walking embodiment of your true potential.


The synergized union of both your divine masculine and feminine energies... working in harmony with one another. It allows that from this new standpoint newer, greater and more aligned manifestations come into form...aligning you with your innate Creation Power.

***Full description of each song can be accessed by clicking on the description icon on the Album.


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'Embodied Light'' a sacred sound journey for deeper Inner Union and Embodiment. This album consists of 10 sound healing tracks.

A Powerful yet subtle journey that arrives on your path at the destined time. Where you might be traversing intense thresholds of expansion, death, rebirth and initiation. This sound journey supports you in accelerating your deepest intentions for self, resulting in deeper next level inner union and embodiment. This album might serve as a potent supportive divine tool for bridging the gap between where you have been and where your Soul desires you to be. In essence if allowed, is a doorway to your own higher timeline and embodiment, where a greater stream of your divine light is anchored, allowed, embodied and expressed. Light Codes illuminates the words, tones, frequencies and sounds within the entire album and throughout each transmission conveyed by Riana.

***Full description of each song can be accessed by clicking on the description icon on the Album.


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The way of Love.png

'The Way of Love'' a musical healing journey very close to my heart. Beloved please allow these healing transmissions to support you in anchoring the wisdom and profound healing of Love within the tapestry of your Being and your life as a whole.

This album is inclusive of 13 songs:

***Full description of each song can be accessed by clicking on the description icon on the Album.


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    • Access to ALL of Riana's existing and future music
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