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Resurgence - Your Greatest Embodiment


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Join Globally Recognized Spiritual Leader & Mystic Riana Arendse for her upcoming Masterful online program: Resurgence 2024 All modules can be completed at your own pace. Begin the next chapter of your life aligned to your Souls greatest dream, stepping into your Greatest embodiment yet. This program as an initiation into YOUR NEW is all about anchoring in your greatest embodiment, through your state of consciousness, expression, your service and your healing. The question remains as you step into this highly conscious Source container; how much will you ALLOW? For the energies for you beloved is ripe and overflows with abundance in all forms. The culmination of previous programs and courses taking you through various masterful healing journeys has led up to this point. A point on your journey where the fruits of your labour can now be realized more than ever before. Why? Because if you are called, if you are here beloved Master, means that you are ready for your next uplevelling… no matter what that might mean for you. As you begin being prepared for this course you will feel a visceral shift on all levels. And as you transition through this initiation of your rebirth, renewal, resurrection and resurgence… more of YOU will begin to take its place within your very being. 6 Core Modules which include teachings and meditations. 2 Sound Healing Transmissions For more information go to:


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