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An 8 Part Masterclass series

Transform through Feeling, Emotional Healing - An 8 part series 

Would you like to learn how to understand and transform your emotions and feelings; especially during tumultuous and intense times of triggering?

As you begin to move through the layers of healing and transformation you are met with all kinds of emotions and feelings… and many times we are unaware of the emotions and feelings we have hidden within our bodies and subconsciousness. Certain emotions can be quite tricky and masked which makes it difficult for one to become aware of these hidden emotions. This series is designed to help you understand, process and alchemize those emotions. It is time to begin using the opportunities that creation has offered you, that your own subconscious, physical body, emotional body, mental body and external realities have offered you; to finally liberate yourself. Allowing yourself to feel and realize the power of your soul and actualizing its magnificence into form.… "this series is designed to help you understand, process, alchemize and own those emotions as your Course in Mastery."


Through this series Spiritual Teacher Riana Arendse will help you transform the densest levels of emotion, whilst allowing you to see the gold inherent within them; and transform them into higher vibrational aspects of your unshakeable intrinsic ad authentic power. Riana’s acclaimed and profound ability to help you instantly move through the most dense experiences of feeling and emotion will help you transmute and integrate these aspects — all the way down to the cellular level, activating the Gold inherent that has been hidden within your very being, probably for a very long time.


Here Riana will address your constructed, ego, small, limited self in order to align this part of you with your Souls infinite vision and depth of embodiment.



“Emotions are limited to the physical dimension. They are the byproduct of thinking a thought, which causes the body to release certain hormones and neurotransmitters, which then causes reactions or sensations within the body. This you might experience as a temporary emotion such as happy, sad or scared. Beloved, We do not understand that these feelings serve a purpose, many in fact. We don’t understand that by moving into and allowing these feelings, that they will begin to transform. What helps us even further, is the ability to understand some of these emotions as we practice awareness. In this series not only will we understand our emotions a little bit deeper, but we will shine a light upon them, instantly dissolving them and in some cases we will journey with them to fully alchemize them at the root.”- Riana



Through this Masterclass series you will begin to feel the relief, freedom, expansion and joy of coming home. Shining the light upon hidden and suppressed emotions we might still be storing - even if you’ve been on the healing path for decades. Finally resolving, releasing and integrating these wounds, traumas, memories, limiting beliefs, perspectives, doubts, fears, despair, heartbreak, distrust, and confusion as we move through the deep levels of emotional and feeling consciousness.

Golden Steel Plate

What's Included in this Masterclass Series:

  • Over 4 hours of audio teachings (8 individual audio masterclasses)

  • Level 1: Shame 

  • Level 2: Guilt 

  • Level 3: Apathy

  • Level 4: Grief 

  • Level 5: Fear 

  • Level 6: Desire 

  • Level 7: Anger 

  • Level 8: Pride

NOTE: Please wait 5 to 7 days before moving to the next video/audio...allowing time for integration and preparation

Who is this Program For:

“I listened to the audio on Apathy before bed. The next day I cried ALL DAY LONG.  What a releasing I had that I never expected!! Riana, thank you so much for this beautiful program! This program has been transformational for me with every week that goes by! Thank you!  It is supporting me in releasing more stuck emotions as I continue my journey along my spiritual path of ascension. I’m so grateful!”  - Lauryn

““I’ve had sessions and with Riana Arendse for many years. Attended each and every program. What she consistently, tirelessly pours into my life’s journey each time we connect is beyond priceless. I receive gifts beyond any kind of measure. There isn’t an area in my life that is untouched by what opens up in me as a result of our time together, her work and teachings. I feel free to fully be here now and can really appreciate the journey!” - Donavon

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about riana

Riana Arendse is a Best Selling Author, Mystic and Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher

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