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Commune in Pure Presence and abide in the Divine Sacred Healing Chamber of Love

We thank the Universe for giving us exactly the combinations of experiences needed to become an even more incredible expression of our highest potential


Join Riana Arendse as she reveals the Foundational Teachings she used to Move from stuckness and resistance to being in a pure state of allowing, self-love and embodying her full sovereignty.

Have you felt called to a Higher Purpose, but still feeling stuck in cycles of death and rebirth?

If you are ready to feel untethered from the collective densities and discover true liberation just as you are right now, then please join us for an incredible journey through the heart of Awakening, Pure Presence and Divine

As you learn to become the courageous one who faces pain, simply by experiencing what doesn't know how to be felt, seen, or heard without initially feeling threatened -- whether surrounded by community or suffering alone -- you begin to see how okay it is for each aspect of self to equally exist within you. Simultaneously Awakening to the innate knowing that there isn't truly resistance but just a lack of experience in moving past a threshold.


Imagine being in grade 8 and wanting to graduate the threshold of grade 12. Being in grade 8 does not mean you are stuck or In a state of resistance, it merely means that you have yet to gain the necessary lesson, awareness or experience to move past it. 

This is why everything happens exactly as it does: to provide you the gift of experience, so that you can receive the wisdom each outcome or encounter is bringing to your attention. Yes, healing can be accelerated, however when certain things remain as is, we tend to blame ourselves instead of realizing the importance of maturation and Divine timing. In these moments what is truly needed is pure presence, trust and love. 


During these intense cycles of spiritual death and rebirth and initiation, we find ourselves merely turning a tendency of blame onto ourselves, whenever discomfort is interpreted as a punishment, instead of an indication of a fierce reward of experiences gained.

When the very thing not happening continues not to happen, it is common to conclude that something must be 'wrong' with you. No matter why you think things come and go as they do, it is the consciousness of your highest self masquerading as spans of time that ensure you gain the necessary depth of experiences required in order to see what only you are meant to see, at exactly the point you are meant to see it.


 In the heart of forgiveness, we thank the Universe for giving us exactly the combinations of experiences needed to become an even more incredible expression of our highest potential.


The most recent Ascension update sees Mother Earth settling into alignment with 5D consciousness, while a significant percentage of Earth’s inhabitants adjust to life at a higher frequency of consciousness. It is your soul’s ability to embody the resilience of transformation that comes about as a result of death and rebirth throughout a rhythm of endless change. This is precisely what the Universe urges you to learn and embody at this time: through pure presence and divine love. 


Life is full of cycles and you are now called and eased into a new transition with grace. Best of all, you are able to flow through life with renewed courage, enthusiasm, passion and joy, knowing your happiness and fulfilment are not based on the circumstances you control, but how deeply aligned you are with your soul’s clearest view.


Despite the pain of your past or the uncertainty of your current and future circumstances, the art of Pure Presence is here to show you the way into a more miraculous way of being.


Without expectation, join Riana in this deep sacred container and just allow yourself to flow to what is calling. 


As you journey and commune with us in this sacred circle of Pure Presence and Divine Love, you’ll feel your heart open to recognize the flow of this Source consciousness that is already in motion within you. There is no course or curriculum for these 2 group calls, it's just Pure Presence and Divine Love, where you are met exactly where you are, simultaneously dissolving the stagnation and fear, abiding then only in the ineffable mystery of God within you. 

Riana will in absolute pure presence take you on a journey within as you receive creation codes specific to your individual journey of evolution. You will receive additional healing, experience powerful processes and tools, receive an elevation of your consciousness to a higher octave, activations and initiations as well.


But as you move through this process, you’ll find yourself overcome by wave after wave of deep spiritual breakthroughs - culminating in a breath-taking state of peace, acceptance, clarity, and absolute empowerment.



2 Previously recorded Group Calls

21 Days within the Sacred Healing Chamber of Divine Love


Two Previously recorded Group Calls


A profound experience where you will 0pen to divine transmission and healing, yet abiding fully in the present moment. 


The Sacred Healing Chambers

The Sacred Healing Chambers are a unique offering from The Mighty Seraphim, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and The Council of Light.

These chambers provide profound healing and integration of body, mind, and soul. The Sacred Healing Chamber bathes and infuses the recipient, both day and night, with the purist frequencies of Divine Love energy sent directly from the Divine Heart of Creator. This works in a way that being in the chamber of healing, continually attunes your awareness to greater and greater self-realizations of your whole sovereign soul.

The 21 days of accelerated healing within this chamber will begin on the day of the first live group call, and is inclusive of rapid healing and energetic support which encompasses each of the Seven Rays of Creation.  For 21 days, the Mighty Seraphim, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Divine Beings of Light will create a chamber around you, bathing and infusing you with the light of one of the Rays of Creation (Sapphire Ray, Gold Ray, Pink Ray, Diamond Ray, Emerald Ray, Ruby Ray, and Violet Ray). Each of the Miracle Chambers will last for 72 hours, before the next Miracle Chamber is created for you, bringing you into the highest level of harmony and wellbeing possible for you at this time.  This is an amazing and incredible advanced healing opportunity to reset and restore yourself to the deepest level of your Embodiment as Creator, as you abide in this container with Pure Presence and Self Love. 

What You'll Gain

  • You heal faster because you are connected to the highest most powerful frequency within the universe

  • Your current state of embodiment will realign to your new vibrational state

  • Return to your Radiant Glow

  • You will access greater clarity and receive new insights 

  • Activation of an ever flowering connection to your greatest gift

  • Finally feel the freedom and liberation from within

  • You become the Master within your own life, no longer desperately seeking help from others

  • You finally begin to embody what you came here to embody, your full sovereignty


If you are ready for the real deal, you will not regret it.
Riana’s teaching are imbued in light and unity consciousness. She equips you with the best tools so you can be on a spiritual path of integrity and truth.
There is nowhere to hide from truth and her teachings and healings is a road map for genuine truth seekers."


-Leslie Kruse

"It's like it was predestined, Riana meets me right when I'm about to take the next biggest step on my spiritual journey. Her potency to initiate and activate one into Mastery, truly does accelerate one's path a million fold. She is like an Embodied ascended master who sees you, truly sees you and miraculously gives you the stepping stones needed to embody your Highest potential. Her work and energy is potent. I have worked in this field for over 25 years and I have never experienced a caliber of divine power in physical form as her. Her expertise and deep connection with the Divine is absolutely amazing and felt so tangibly."


- Cathleen

What People are Saying

Riana’s work is amazingly potent. She resides in a space of immense depth and clarity. From that view she is able to help illuminate what is not fully seen. Her intuition is laser sharp and accurate as she skillfully, compassionately, supports deepening into truth and freedom. Her presence offers an embrace of unconditional love and safety. She is the Divine Feminine embodied both in her gentleness and her strength.’

K, Timothy - Spiritual Teacher, Author

Golden Steel Plate

about riana

Riana Arendse is a Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher in the fields of Conscious Transformation and Sovereign Embodiment.

Now more than ever, let us gather together and be an anchor of peace and light.

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