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I invite you to walk alongside me

Once a month Riana makes herself available for a full day dedicated to one person only.

You will meet at 10 am - 5 pm online or in person - for a day of intimate conversation, individual healing, meditation, and answers to all your questions. This is an amazing opportunity to get to know Riana on a deeper level and also dedicate a full day of healing and integration for yourself.

If in person: You will be staying at a hotel of your choice within the Cape Town area and will enjoy a lunch together with Riana at her home in Cape Town.

Price: $ 4500 (Hotel stay not included) in person meeting

Price: $ 3500 (Online meeting)

Is this for you? Send Riana an email explaining why this is calling you

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"When your soul reaches a significant pillar within consciousness, you may go places and manifest creations which may not seem logical - from where you have been."


Riana Arendse

What you'll Gain

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about riana

Riana Arendse is a Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher in the fields of Conscious Transformation and Sovereign Embodiment.

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