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Journey with the Holy Seraphim

The program where your intuitive voice and expression is part of your healing.


Are you ready to sing a new reality? A new state of embodiment?


Absolutely no musical or singing talent is necessary. Everyone with the intention to heal and embody more of their sovereign self is welcome. This life changing journey provides supercharged healing and awarenesses for recognizing the perfect intelligence of your body’s intuition. Instantaneously neutralize grief, trauma, shame, guilt, fear and more. No need to share personal details and No re-triggering. Just gentle healing directly to the root cause of your distress, leaving you with a sense of peace, self-acceptance and greater expression. You can boldly be yourself and fulfill your mission.

This sacred space is designed for you to embody more, be more, create more and allow more.

If this scares you or is out of your comfort zone, remember the greatest expansion lies in that which is and feels unknown. A master understands the inner calling and inner urge to be a greater expression of their own innate Source energy. Old paradigms of filters, limitations, boxes, masks and preventing one’s natural, authentic and full flow of divine energy no longer serves your new state of being and this new earth. Beloved, The New Earth is a state of Being. 

This sacred course is designed for you to embody more, be more, create more and allow more.


An self experiential course. A 3 part group journey that is specifically designed to anchor the codes of accelerated healing through your voice, your sound and your expression. 


You do not have to know how to sing or even know how to hold a tune… Riana in harmony, unison and collaboration with the Seraphim, singing sounds of creation will allow you to access specific tones and sounds and melodies that will instantly release stagnant energies, deeper layers of core wounds, limiting beliefs and integrate your inner child and your multidimensional self.


The purification, creation and healing powers of the seraphim are among their most significant attributes. They are believed to have the ability to cleanse the soul, body and being and transmit divine energy to anchor one’s greatest power and truth.

***Mastery Members gets Exclusive Free Access to All Online Events


This program will facilitate the following:


  • Heal deep layers of your core wounds

  • Be a channel of your Angelic frequency

  • Heal the inner child

  • Accessing and Expressing as your multidimensional self

  • Allow you to Anchor and Embody a greater expression of yourSelf

  • Accelerate the embodiment phase of your healing journey

  • Connect you evermore deeply to your Eternal Self and Source presence

  • Master tuning into the intelligence of the body and have the capacity to hold yourself through intense thresholds and emotions

  • Accessing deeper states of your individuated leadership and mastery



Who is this Program For:

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This program focuses on sound to neutralize the charge of past negative experiences so that you are clear and balanced, to make decisions based on current facts, not past filters. Old perspective and paradigms will shift.

This is will allow you to be emotionally mature, increase your inner peace, stop procrastinating, eradicate fear, be confident and feel happy. Up-level your mind and actions to be in harmony with the you that is formless. Bridging the gap between form and formless. Not only through the acceleration of healing but grounding a deeper state of embodiment and individual expression, without filter, limitations or paradigms


You will learn how to be more creative through your expression and heal your body and mind, and you will do it in real time, in a supportive community of  Angels, Leaders and Masters. True Leadership and Mastery is not embodied through thinking or tuning into the analytical mind, but through feeling, and unfiltered expression.

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about riana

Riana Arendse is a Best Selling Author, Mystic and Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher

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