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There are no words to describe how profound it was for me to listen to all the tracks on her album. When I listened to the track “Resurrection” I actually had a vision! I saw my actual physical birth and the trauma I went through as I was being born. I could tell I experienced a lot of trauma as I was being born...I could see my physical birth but I believe my Higher Self spared me the actual feelings from it over again. During this vision I couldn’t stop crying! Then with the following track, “Deliverance”, I had another flash of me from a past life. I was male and looking down towards the ground, I was adorned in armor that was embedded in jewels. It felt like it could’ve been from earlier Roman times…interesting! It was the suit of armor and the jewels that really stood out for me. This album had a profound affect on me and I will listen to it often!  It’s more powerful than one would think and then when you have things come up out of the blue like that when you’re listening makes you realize how powerful the music/light really is. Riana's voice is magnificent and I absolutely love listening to each and every song!

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about riana

Riana Arendse is a Best Selling Author, Mystic and Globally Celebrated Spiritual Teacher

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