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21 Days within the Divine Chamber of Healing

21 Days within the Divine Chamber of Healing


The Sacred Healing Chambers are a unique offering from Riana and her Council - The Order of the Seraphim, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and The Council of Light.

These chambers provide profound healing and integration of body, mind, and soul. The Sacred Healing Chamber bathes and infuses the recipient, both day and night, with the purist frequencies of Divine Love energy sent directly from the Divine Heart of Creator. This works in a way that being in the chamber of healing, continually attunes your awareness to greater and greater self-realizations of your whole sovereign soul.

The 21 days of accelerated healing within this chamber will begin on the day after purchase, and is inclusive of rapid healing and energetic support which encompasses each of the Seven Rays of Creation.  For 21 days, the Mighty Seraphim, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Divine Beings of Light will create a chamber around you, bathing and infusing you with the light of one of the Rays of Creation (Sapphire Ray, Gold Ray, Pink Ray, Diamond Ray, Emerald Ray, Ruby Ray, and Violet Ray). Each of the Miracle Chambers will last for 72 hours, before the next Miracle Chamber is created for you, bringing you into the highest level of harmony and wellbeing possible for you at this time.  This is an amazing and incredible advanced healing opportunity to reset and restore yourself to the deepest level of your Embodiment as Creator, as you abide in this container with Pure Presence and Self Love.

Price Options
One-time purchase
$88.00every month until canceled

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If you have purchased a product or event, which is digital or online, but still needs to personally

be created for you, or takes place at a future date, you will receive an additional confirmation email from our support team, regarding delivery dates or online dates for these purchase. 

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