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A New Miraculous Way of Being - The Program

A New Miraculous Way of Being - The Program


A New Miraculous Way Of Being Program


Beautiful Masters, we have some work to do! This is an invitation to Freedom! Based on Riana's Acclaimed Book - A New Miraculous Way of Being.


In this special advanced program, I will bring forward powerful spiritual foundational teachings, tools and processes to accelerate your deepest levels of Self Mastery. Through the coming together within this container, perceptions will be changed, beliefs will be altered and a greater level of consciousness will begin to be embodied. For those of you who are familiar with my work, you know my programs and courses are mostly about Healing, Initiations and Self Mastery. In this special program, we will focus predominantly on Self Mastery and integrating our consciousness with our individual Ascended Mastery Consciousness. During these 4 weeks together you will be held in a beautiful nurturing space as you release the entanglements of false truths and deeply seeded beliefs, clearing out distortions and expanding the bandwidth of frequency we have experienced up until this point. 


NOTE: These are 4 previously recorded Live calls


The teachings within this program is a pathway to a Miraculous New Way of Being - which entails cultivating radical acceptance of every single moment as perfection and holy, and is designed to return the mind body to wholeness, it also entails identifying with ourselves on another level - much greater than we have come to know; thus allowing ourselves to be reborn anew. A state of being that can only be remembered, cultivated and surrendered to.

Riana lovingly and without filter, reveals the key to true change, healing and transformation. Riana speaks to every aspect of living in the world as your True Self. With loving direction and clarity she points the way to the correction of every limiting belief and perception that would keep us from knowing and realizing our perfect union with Pure Source.


Riana will shares what she considers fundamental insights that will spark a revolution in the way we perceive life, returning back to our christed blueprint and the choice to stop believing the thoughts that perpetuate our suffering. Moving beyond belief and into the resting awareness of the Soul. If you are ready to step out of perpetual cycles of endless healing and open up into the vastness of your true potential… then this is your calling…


This is BEYOND what you've seen or known within this realm of creation..


You have tasted but only a fragment of what is truly possible. You see beloved, the old way of being no longer works, it never has… because you will never transcend the old, embody your full consciousness and actualise your potential if you do.



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