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Agreements with Others and Self

Agreements with Others and Self


So many in this community have been experiencing profound healing and transformation by attending the workshops, programs and events that Riana has been offering recently. She's been called to offer another healing event, so that massive clearing and healing can occur!

This prerecorded call Riana has dedicated solely to the closing, completing and resolution of contracts, agreements and chords with others but most importantly with Self.


What Riana is sharing about this Call Event:


“So often I witness in session with others the intention to clear and complete agreements with ‘others’ but what many of us overlook are the agreements with self that are keeping us in cycles of suffering and turmoil; that perhaps have long surpassed its necessity on our individual journeys of inner Union. As we know everything always comes back to the Self.

And so.. Beloved remember too that the most difficult beliefs or agreements to change are often the ones disguised as our most cemented and cherished truths and beliefs. Here in the sacred space we will uncover and close and complete all of the ways in which we hold and keep ourselves in unnecessary states of contraction and disease that no longer resonate with our state of consciousness as it is and as it intends to be.”

- Riana


Completing toxic Agreements with Others and Self..

The remnants of old agreements, contracts and cords with others and self might be affecting your life in the following ways:

  • Damage your body’s flow of life force through your meridians and vessel causing physiological ailments and disease
  • Prevent you from attracting what’s rightfully yours and what should be in resonance with where you are currently in terms of your state of being and consciousness
  • Keep you stuck in loops of suffering not knowing why certain things never end
  • Leaking of your power and energy… which can result in lethargy, adrenal fatigue, stomach issues and a low sense of self. Not being able to anchor fully into one’s power

We’re being Called to something NEW — to re-partner with our Divine Self… there’s an opportunity here to identify the ways we are still keeping ourselves in suffering…. then we can create new and different ways of being and engaging energetically with others and with Self.


What is included:


A 60 minute previously recorded call mp3



***This event is included in the Mastery Membership - Masters Circle

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