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Creation - Sound Healing Music

Creation - Sound Healing Music


'Creation' is an embodiment and transformational sound healing journey that takes you through the thresholds of self limitation, powerlessness and integrates all of the healing you have already done and are in the process of undergoing into form. It is the culmination of your Mastery and Creation Power now being integrated and anchored into your daily embodiment. Where you become the walking embodiment of your true potential. The synergized union of both your divine masculine and feminine energies... working in harmony with one another. It allows that from this new standpoint newer, greater and more aligned manifestations come into form...aligning you with your innate Creation Power.


***This album consists of 6 sound healing tracks



Higher Heart Healing Vibrations


Please enjoy this sacred sound healing journey. Opening, Activating, Healing and Expanding the Higher Heart as you connect to the infinite Heart of Creation. An intrinsic energetic elevation of consciousness designed to bring the etheric heart (formless) into form.



Restoring Balance


When we experience pockets of intensity we are always called into Presence and Stillness. Where the depth of our being can fully process our experiences and alchemize it into greater intrinsic expansion, healing and embodiment. Allow this transmission to bring you inward into the sanctum of the heart; to recalibrate and restore your Being naturally.



We Rise


Beloved… The complexity of sound within this transmission encompasses Pure Source Codes and frequencies and is designed to penetrate your human body and being… providing it exactly what it needs in the now moment. Activating dormant portals, DNA and neural pathways in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies enmasse. Rising up in consciousness.





Nature always reminds us to BE. And it gifts us many moments of BEING. Allow this sound healing transmission to bring you a moment of reflection, stillness and the gift of your BEING.



Divine Feminine Creation Power Activation


On an energetic level Riana takes a dive into the very essence of feminine nature and our unreclaimed, unbridled power. It aims to bring us women into union with our essence and our true source of feminine energy. When we are ready to meet the depth inside the profound sound healing transmission it comes to hail every woman, her beauty, her wisdom, her strength and her timeless life giving power! It is now time to feel how all of us are rooted as the same feminine source, this primal wellspring of our energy that feeds us all. The sacred chants proclaim the unity with oneself, the Earth, the cosmos and Creation without limitation or restriction. Divine Feminine Activated and fully Embodied as you.



The Beloved in Me


The Beloved in Me is a transmission that helps the listener to dive into their world of openness, completion, inner Union, wholeness, vulnerability and self love. There is time for movement in being with another and time for taking breath… your breath… for love breathes. It breathes when you are within yourself first and foremost recognizing the already wholeness within. This beautiful transmission serves many purposes yet the main one is to realize the Beloved within and anchor into a deeper reverence and love for the Self. It streams crystalline energetic codes to awaken the fullness of Source Consciousness within.


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