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Embodied Light - Sound Healing Album

Embodied Light - Sound Healing Album


'Embodied Light' a sacred sound journey for deeper Inner Union and Embodiment. This album consists of 10 sound healing tracks.


A Powerful yet subtle journey that arrives on your path at the destined time. Where you might be traversing intense thresholds of expansion, death, rebirth and initiation. This sound journey supports you in accelerating your deepest intentions for self, resulting in deeper next level inner union and embodiment. This album might serve as a potent supportive divine tool for bridging the gap between where you have been and where your Soul desires you to be. In essence if allowed, is a doorway to your own higher timeline and embodiment, where a greater stream of your divine light is anchored, allowed, embodied and expressed. Light Codes illuminates the words, tones, frequencies and sounds within the entire album and throughout each transmission conveyed by Riana.


Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

Please enjoy this sacred sound healing transmission of the mantra “Om tare tuttare ture Soha”. You are invited to sing and chant along! It is an ancient mantra and through recitation can offer comfort and protection from all of the sufferings we experience in the world. Liberating us from fears and troubles, it gives protection, removes obstacles and obscurations, and transmits enlightened awareness to you.

Grace Realized

This sacred transmission will guide you inward into realizing Grace in every moment. It’s a culmination of surrender, release and knowing. Allowing you to naturally expand into a higher state of consciousness and awareness. It is the space where ‘yearning’ meets ‘knowing’. As Riana emits a yearning to be ‘carried’ in the song… it’s almost immediately met with a ‘knowing’ that everything is Grace. And Grace has always been present. An instant elevation in consciousness as you receive the frequencies of LIGHT remembrance.

The way of Light

A transmission designed for you to access more of your own medicine. It is the activation and expansion of your own Light frequencies that accelerates your path forward. This sacred transmission will support you in alchemizing anything that is not in resonance with your unique soul path and your unique soul light. Quickening your path towards bodhisattva (enlightenment).

Aham (I AM)

The Sanskrit meaning of aham is “I”. When repeating the ‘aham’ mantra over and over, the meaning becomes “I AM.”

In this transmission it refers to the Universal Source or Higher Self at the core of all existence. It is this energy and Source of which is being contemplated during this transmission and allows the listener to attune to this higher frequency of consciousness. Beloved allow this sacred transmission to bring you swiftly into the recognition and state of being of the true Self.

Divine Presence

Beloved please enjoy this sacred healing transmission to allow, anchor and expand into Divine Presence. Whatever situation, experience you might find yourself moving through… allow this transmission to support you in anchoring in stillness, divine presence and divine healing frequencies.

Walk into The Light

This transmission was created as a supportive tool on your embodiment/healing journey for you to flow more effortlessly into your Light. Guiding you into your next step, your next greatest phase and timeline. Bringing you out of states of stagnation, confusion, victimhood and into the knowing of the Light that exists for you as you always.

This Love’s the reason - Divine Union

A sacred transmission channeled during the lunar moon eclipse. This song can be interpreted in many ways… the many ways of love… love within, love without, love realized, love in relationship and in union with Self or Love with your divine counterpart. But truly your interpretation Beloved is not what matters, it is only that which is felt and activated within that matters most. This powerful yet subtle transmission brings your heart into the timeless awareness of Divine Love in all its complexities, simplicities and ultimately Love being in union with the one True Self as you. It is also designed if through your desire; to bring divine union more closely into your experience.

I was made to FLY

This transmission intuitively channeled just prior to the solar new moon eclipse. It brings our awareness, our state of consciousness back into the expanded perspective that ‘everything serves everything’. That truly everything is medicine and is preparing you to fly and to call in greater alignment. I Beloved… have yet to find a shadow, a trauma, a pain, a loss or an experience that wasn’t also a gift that served my healing and expansion greatly. This transmission has been created to support you in moving out of any sense of powerless, distrust and resistance and into a more empowered, surrendered, trusting and receptive state of being.

Someday - A song for Presence

This sacred sound healing transmission brings you into the awareness of the Present moment and all that it offers. By embracing and accepting this moment as it is you give yourself the gift of freedom within this moment. You have the ability to liberate yourself now in this very moment. By being present right here and now… this very moment… you have access to All of your Power, All of your wisdom, All of your potential and All of your medicine. There is only THIS; Come out of the story of ‘My Life’ and allow yourself to be fascinated by what is alive, here, right now. Be curious about this very alive dance of thoughts, sensations, feelings and impulses that is happening where you are. Remember, Now is the only place from which true answers can eventually emerge. The present moment is your true home… knowing that even your feelings of non-acceptance are accepted here. It is about radically opening up to this extraordinary gift of existence, embracing both the pain and the joy of it, the bliss and the sorrow, the ecstasy and the overwhelm, the certainty and the doubt. Knowing that you are never separate from the Whole, never broken, never truly lost. For Beloved true healing and true union with Self; with Love can only be done through presence of Being. If you are not fully in the now moment, this present moment…. you are in some way suppressing your power, denying your worth and limiting yourself from embodying your greatness. Give yourself the gift of this very moment.. the only moment that exists and the only moment you CREATE from.

My Last Breath

When you combine the words birth and death together you discover a word called “Breath”. This makes life an ongoing process of reincarnation that is witnessed and embraced by the light within you. Beloved… You might have found yourself moving through many small spiritual deaths and rebirths throughout your lifetimes… this sacred transmission brings your awareness to what we perceive as ‘fear’ as we are having our final breath… but ultimately a deeper calling, remembering and initiation into the new; into the first breath. Asking us to Lean into this feeling, surrendering to the light within to move you over the internal bridges towards your own expansion and remembrance. Realizing that these moments of death brings forward greater truth and new dawns.


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