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Illumination album - Sound Alchemy

Illumination album - Sound Alchemy


The album ‘Illumination’... takes you on a journey of deeper and greater embodiment and expression. As you awaken your soul, integrate all of your power, blossom with the ancient wisdom of your soul… your divine blueprint activates, your angelic wings unfurls, and you rise up as a timeless Being of Light, Love, Truth and Power.  


These sound healing transmissions are extraordinarily powerful and transformative. It is a profound and expansive energetic container of pure Divine Source Consciousness that allows you to make space for and anchor your greatest soul embodiment and illumination… all possibilities made manifest in the infinity of now. 


***This album consists of 9 sound healing tracks


The Infinity of Now

As you listen, feel the vibrations resonate deep within, promoting a sense of balance and harmony in your being. It’s a deeper knowing of the infinity of every now moment and the timelessness of Being.

The heartbeat of this ethereal composition is the spiritual light harmony echoing the pulse of our spiritual cosmic infinite selves. Guiding you through a peaceful state where time slows down, and the worries of one’s perceptual world dissolves. It therefore anchors in a greater, more expansive knowing and recognition of truth.”

Sacred Rising

This channeled sound healing journey activates the rising of the sacred earth and sun within you. Where the earth rises up and the central sun converges to meet you.  Illuminating your internal manifestations and creations and supporting this into form. Bringing forth the many Divine spectrums of Source light.

Wings Unfurling

This is a sound journey that awakens the higher heart chakra. It takes you within yourself to experience a deepening into the ethereal, spiritual, mystical, magical nature of your soul. It calls all angels, ancestors, and divine guardians as mere mirrors reflecting to you your oneness with them and all of creation.

The singing tones and vibrations cover you in celestial waves of unconditional love, while the crystalline diamond codes of pure white encompass you... unfurling your Angelic Wings.

Blossoming of the Ancients

This sound journey naturally activates the Heart, High Heart, Sacral, High Sacral, and Throat Chakras to assist in the bliss of naturally blossoming in beauty and grace. It announces the emergence of our authentic ancient blueprint and beauty into this world and guides us in fully expressing the power of our own, unique conception of this embodiment.


Allow it to stir you from within and open you to the beauty that longs to emerge. The feelings and visions we hold are no longer just held in spirit and mind, we are now called to anchor them into the earth through our embodiment. Within our heart there is a powerful portal of love, beauty and truth that longs to be illuminated. It is here we merge the worlds of heaven and earth. This portal has the ability to alchemize and transform our experience of this world. Allow the love of the divine to be embodied and expressed throughout your very Being. Use this track to anchor in the true embodiment of your divine essence, your soul codes. The world needs your embodiment now. Be Illuminated Beloved Master!

Come into an experience of your own sacred embodiment. Let this Sound Journey move over you, carry you, and compel you into a deeper connection with the Earth and Creator. Allow it to weave together the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine aspects inherent within you. Let it give birth to the expression of your highest self and illuminate it to the world.

Soul Integration

This sound journey deeply connects to the Heartspace and the Soulstar chakra… these two chakras are portals to the divine truth that lives within and animates through you. Bringing and integrating more of your eternal self into form and into wholeness. When I channeled this song it immediately initiated the journey of calling parts of ourselves back, whether fractured or other streams of consciousness back into complete union. The many faces only our Soul knows. Naturally anchoring a deeper state of innate power within the Self. Activating inherent creativity, gifts, abilities and self worth.

Soul awakening

Listen in sacred connection as we open to receive these sound healing Seraphim Angelic frequencies designed to awaken the Soul to its greatest purpose and calling.

It’s Peace, It’s Love

Immerse yourself in the transformative embrace of peace and love. Enchanting vocals gracefully weave through the composition, creating a harmonious tapestry of soothing vibrations of pure divine love and ever-present peace.
Anchor in your pure limitless nature by embodying the golden codes of love within your being. For heaven lives within each and every one of us and we have the power to collectively access and anchor these sacred frequencies into the earth. This sound healing journey is meant to help you remember the Source frequencies that exist within you. To bring you into a state of deep relaxation, remembering and trusting that there is a divine plan unfolding and that you play a pivotal role by being here and bringing your truth and your unique frequency of love into the world.


A Prayer


A prayer as divine consciousness to connect more deeply with our Divine Higher Selves. Integrating more of this knowing, this calling into Being.


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