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Integrating to Wholeness Course

Integrating to Wholeness Course


This Course is about Moving from Fractured to Absolute Wholeness. And in doing so you are then able to fully embody the Multidimensional holy spirit of your own soul pouring through you and expressing from that point of truth – embodying yourself as Creator. Integrating all aspects of you back into wholeness again!


In this program you will discover the 3 predominant Core Aspects of your current expression. This is facilitate through meditation to meet each one of the aspects of your being. These aspects are energetic representations of your default reactions, responses and personas. You might have only 1 aspect, however most people have 3 or more, each with its own trauma, agenda and purpose for being. We will explore how to discover and work with these aspects directly, creating a safe sanctuary for your aspects to tell their story. Understanding each aspect, hearing their story, and helping to release their trauma brings coherence and unity to your energetic field. To facilitate expansion of your self awareness and understanding, this process will allow these personas and aspects to be integrated back into wholeness again.

You will receive a four part MP3 Audio Set


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