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Private Sessions - 60 minutes

Private Sessions - 60 minutes

$599.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price

Riana only works privately with those who are most committed to embodying their true Divine Self and are ready to awaken to their full potential. If you are serious about significantly surrendering to your deepest embodiment and highest potential, you can apply to be considered as a private client here.

This is your unique opportunity to experience a private session with Riana.
Riana will tune into your Blueprint and offer new and detailed insights. This is truly a rare opportunity to receive direct guidance, transmissions and step into a deeper level of your Realization.
Riana will gently and lovingly guide you through your individual initiations, healing and transformational journeys.

She dedicated her life to become the bridge for those that are ready to embody the soul's truth, fulfil their agreement, and truly create a reality that resonates at the highest potential.
A session provides you with concentrated, personalized downloads, initiations, activations and healing as needed for your individual path of evolution, which immediately accelerates the fulfillment of your divine purpose. Stepping into new levels of success requires overcoming your greatest unconscious resistances to that expansion. Illuminating the root of your deepest fears and guide you to take courageous action upon your immediate next steps as a professional leader, guide and being of Light. 

Riana acts as a conduit for spirit and through her guided words activates the new templates of Divine Power and Love within you so you can more quickly and effectively manifest an authentic life of joy, abundance, and vitality. You will be guided to powerfully shift out of old energetic, cognitive, and behavioral limitations and into a higher state of being that will open your path forward.


Booking calendar will be sent to you after purchase has been made.

NOTE: Please enquire about the availability of the below sessions before paying:

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