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Return to Being - Embodying The Dream

Return to Being - Embodying The Dream


This is a 90 minute previously recorded Live Call - an online gathering inclusive of a healing transmission with Visionary Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author Riana Arendse.


As a way of lovingly guiding you move through your most difficult transitions, old blueprints, resistances, thresholds, challenges and initiations. This is for the visionaries, teachers, leaders, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, wayshowers, seekers and bringers of Love.


This is your invitation to:


  • Discover the biggest barrier to your full self realization and your embodying your highest potential

  • During this event you will move through life changing teachings and deeply surrendering internal journeys

  • Connect and realize yourself as the Creator that you are

  • Learn how to go beyond trying, healing, fixing, searching and into a more expanded way of Being

  • How to become a pure conduit and vessel for ALL of your Divine potential, possiblities, dreams and power to express itself Fully through you

  • Reconnect with the unconditional love of your Spirit to ease your nervous system so that you may heal Fully and return to Being

  • Explore the deepest meaning and surprising purpose of your most difficult circumstances

  • We will explore the Dangling Carrot

  • Learn the ways in which we keep ourselves in suffering and create secondary suffering and how to transcend this

  • Move through a guided process for Integrating your ego for the two different types of beings

  • Learn whether it is needed for you to strenthen or soften your Ego

  • What Embodying The Dream vs Embodying Reality means

  • Move through your most difficult threshold by RETURNING TO BEING and SURRENDERING TO YOUR GREATEST DREAM

Consists of:


1 x 110 minute previously recorded live audio


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