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Accelerate your Journey to Inner Union - The Path of Mastery

“We have the ability to literally alter, restore and calibrate ourselves and our Lives when we not only Remember but claim and embody the truth of who we are.”



Join Spiritual Teacher Riana Arendse as she reveals the Foundational Teachings she used to Move from suffering to being healed and embodying her full sovereignty.

Have you felt called to a Higher Purpose, but you are not sure how to fully access it?

Perhaps you find yourself constantly seeking out teachers and healers to help you heal a block, trauma or to manifest a desire. But there's still an explicable inner yearning for unity and understanding.

What most of us on the Spiritual Journey do not fully understand, is that no matter how much we attain and create we will constantly still be searching. Because what we are truly searching for is ourselves. Coming into FULL Union with the Self.


Inner Union?

It is the longing, the longing for oneness that lies at the heart of human experience, and the ultimate goal of Spiritual Ascension Path. It is the journey, the journey of emotional healing and spiritual growth through which we meet and unite the polarities of masculine and feminine that make up the fabric of our lives.


The Spiritual or Ascension journey can be a dauntless journey of healing and awakening yes. For many of us, we find ourselves unable to move forward, constantly trying to heal in order to alter our external realities.


Since Riana’s awakening, she has been on an accelerated journey of embodiment, which she calls the Journey to Inner Union. Truly it is not just about a block or a trauma that one must heal, yes this is one aspect of the journey, but ultimately it is about coming into Union with Self. Which takes a level of Self Mastery to sustain and embody.


Drawing always from her direct experience, in this life and multidimensional lives as an embodiment of the Sophia Christ Consciousness and a bridge for humanity, Riana has created this program which is designed to accelerate your journey of healing and the path of Mastery.


The mistake that many of us makes is thinking that something OUTSIDE of us is going to bring us the inner states of happiness, being loved, feeling safe, feeling fulfilled or having the purpose. But it is not. Truly, It is about finding the Beloved Within and sustaining embodiment with that essence. It’s the ongoing cultivation of a steadfast and loving relationship between your body and your mind. Between spacious awareness (the masculine aspect) and the embodied felt sense (the feminine aspect) within yourself


When we see ourselves clearly and with compassion, no longer avoiding or indulging, we become able to connect with the wellspring of our own creative life force as a source of nourishment and fresh possibility.



True union cannot be lost, because it’s a soul growth process and therefore a state of consciousness in the self that is reflected back in the physical experience. It is a self-perpetuating inner state, that does not depend on outer conditions.


And then you realize that your inner state no longer depends on your outer experiences, you realize that your outer experience is nothing but a reflection of your inner state. Whatever you see reflected back to you, only shows you more clearly where you need to bring your loving attention within yourself.


Because when you have successfully finished this inner alchemical process, you will find that you own the keys to unlocking paradise in your earthly existence.



Now we can engage the joyful work of creating healthy, regular, integrated habits of thought, speech, and behaviour, lived in devotion to the mystery, to the divine, or to what some call the zero point–the great void at the heart of all things, from which all things spring, to which all things return.





As souls we were meant to go through the process of death and rebirth as we travelled through time and space to discover our own divinity and return to who we truly are as God incarnated




The Accelerate your Journey to Inner Union program guides you through Riana Arendse’s acclaimed Transformational processes for creating deep and lasting change in your life. This program triggers a profound transformation in your entire neurological makeup - causing you to think, feel, and perceive on a whole new level.

Too many students of personal growth and the spiritual ascension journey, spend their entire lives never truly crossing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

And so we start believing that only certain people have a mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts. To create opportunities seemingly out of thin air. And to even bend the fabric of reality in their favour.

But as you’re about to discover, anyone is capable of ascending to this elusive level of self-mastery. And it all begins by evolving the level of consciousness you operate from.




This program is THREE fold. The first are 3 Audios which will focus on healing any blockages within the physical, emotional and mental levels multidimensionally, The second is focused on the Path of Mastery AND the third is a 30 minute Private Soul Illumination Session. You will receive Sacred Union Embodiment Activations supporting you to RAPIDLY merge and unify the Feminine & Masculine within your Heart, Body and Consciousness.


Just recently after Riana’s Near death experience, Riana was faced with severe illnesses. Not only one specific illness but multiple illnesses all at the same time.

Riana’s physical body was being used as a vessel to bring forward 12 highly advanced, futuristic healing technologies, given to her directly by the Arcturian Council of Light. As part of Riana’s lineage, not only as in incarnate Seraphim Angel but also as a member of the Arcturian council of light, she was suddenly catapulted into remembering and embodying these highly advanced technologies.

Within a very short amount of time, Riana completely healed from these illnesses, which allowed her to witness first-hand the miracle transformations these codes which she now embodies.

This Advanced technology literally resets one’s physical vessel and restores it back to factory settings. It changes DNA expression in the highest level of consciousness and It focusses on all planes of symptoms (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) in a way which provides the energetic field and components as the underlying cause seen in the physical.

These codes are magically designed to rapidly shift you into embodying your natural pristine blueprint and download immunity (physical, emotional and spiritual) from the software of the Source, the unified field of light. These upgrade codes download into the hardware of our cells, into the spiraling of our DNA, and thus we are changed forever at a cellular level.

This highly developed, multidimensional advanced Arcturian Technology is unlike any other in the galaxy - which regenerates the body and field back to its most optimal essence for your specific soul force/blueprint. This merely means that it is the most advanced tools and frequency codes being brought forward now, to ensure the ultimate healing and cleansing of all subtle bodies on a level beyond our comprehension.

Not only does this healing system bring healing but through the transmission which Riana brings it will also heighten spiritual awareness and aids greatly in enlightenment.

The system includes 12 major energies that powerfully interacts to reset and enhance your life-force energy and restore you to pristine condition. Each major energy has its own purpose and distinct quality that together provides a unique evolutionary pathway for Regeneration and Healing. 

What if you could shift your frequency without going into your stories? Working with Azura Codes can help you to do just that.


The Azura codes bypass these ego based programs and speak directly to you, a Divine Being of Light having this physical experience. These codes can assist you in shifting your resonant frequency to that of your divine blueprint.


Those who have worked with the codes have found them to be quite potent. In today’s world, we are heavily focused on the masculine energy and the “doing” state. These codes help us to work first on our state of “being” so that when we do take action, it is taken with a higher level of consciousness that supports our well-being and our service to others.

Blue Flowers


In these 4 prerecorded group calls, Riana shares secrets and insights into what it takes to reach a level of Self Mastery and to come into union with SELF. You will receive additional healing, experience powerful processes and tools, receive an elevation of your consciousness to a higher octave, activations and initiations as well.


But as you move through this process, you’ll find yourself overcome by wave after wave of deep spiritual breakthroughs - culminating in a breath-taking state of peace, acceptance, clarity, and absolute empowerment.

The path of Spiritual Awakening, Realization, Embodiment and Mastery entails that the ideals of the small self (egoic self) are constantly challenged.....which may cause great resistance within one at first. But this is to allow and make way for the Christed Self within you to Awaken, become fully Realized, Embodied and Mastered.

In this program, you will not just be integrating your higherself and reascending in this moment but every version of you that has ever existed is also integrating its higherself.

In fact beloved, humanity has already reascended, it has already occurred, you have already reascended, you are just making your way to that very moment that you already cocreated.

1. Self-Love Initiation 

Riana will take you on a journey to embody a level of consciousness that you have not embodied before. You will be guided through a process of self realization by bringing awareness to the Divine Truth that you are God embodied in form and an expression of the one Source. Therefore it is your divine birthright to know yourselves as such. First through proclamation and then embodied through word, thought and deed. Focus will also be placed upon releasing self criticism and self judgment, and you will receive activations to embody more of your Original Source Blueprint and Crystalline Light Body that opens the gateway for embodying Divine Compassion and Divine Love. We will clear out any distortion frequencies and reconnect with the Crystalline Universal Body through the Portal of Cosmic Divine Intelligence.

2. Inner Union and balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine 

The opportunity to release these timeline energies are now possible, not at the singular lifetime experience, but en masse, clearing multiple timeline experiences simultaneously. Your ascension process is the experience of all aspects of you within your God Self evolving and integrating back into Source. Here Riana guides you into bringing both Masculine and Feminine Energies into balance, Harmony and Inner Union. We will travel into the depths of our Christed heart through the Divine Cosmic Portal to retrieve, clear, integrate and harmonize all aspects of ourselves, allowing us to activate and embody greater aspects of our Crystalline DNA and Blueprint. Disengaging from false archetypes and personas and reconnect significant pathways between the heart and the higher mind.

3. Taking responsibility for your creations, moving from victim hood to conscious creator. 

A significant key to unlocking a level of Mastery is through the releasing of and disentanglement of victimhood and shifting into Conscious Creator. Taking responsibility for our creations is an important step in doin so. This will allow one to ascend to greater heights of awareness, transparency and mastery. In order to do this we must be in greater awareness of the grand significance of ones innate Nature and our ability to ascend and inscend. Riana will also do a Soul Star and Earth Star Activation - the soul star is where you make the connection with all that your higher realms has for you! It is where the very soul frequencies that will liberate your innate abilities are stored. In this activation you will feel the cosmic light coming in to open your access to higher consciousness, higher truth, clarity and wisdom.

4. The Art of Self Mastery Initiation

Your heart is the engine of connection, and Self Mastery is truly about integration, embodiment and about strengthening your energy field into a stream of wholeness that supports your ability to sustain that frequency. And this is ascension, remaining in a higher frequency bandwidth beyond our physical senses. The Art of Self Awareness is one important key, because it is foundational to our ascension, and that’s our conscious connection with the subtle realm. Here Riana shares important foundational teachings that will bring you into greater awareness, allowing you to easily Master the Self. Riana will also facilitate a full body reboot, which will allow your system to come into full resonance with the highest potential available for you as you anchor even deeper into what is awakening within you.


In this session we will be going deep into the cells to unlock your unique soul signature. Every soul has a very specific signature that can often times become trapped, hidden or lost underneath false identities which have been accumulated overtime. In this session we will access very specific light sequences that your soul brings through from higher levels of your Akash that have the ability to completely rewrite the stories and bring the the truth that will birth this into your reality. Once illuminated the pure resonance of this gift will realign you to the ever expanded awareness of your true gift.

What You'll Gain

Better Health

You heal faster because you are connected to the highest most powerful frequency within the universe

Your relationships realign to your new vibrational state

Return to your Radiant Glow

Your purpose work flourishes

Activation of an ever flowering connection to your greatest gift

Finally feel the freedom and liberation from within

You become the Master within your own life, no longer desperately seeking help from others

You finally begin to embody what you came here to embody, your full sovereignty




- Used for the presence of external Fears entering and anchoring into the energetic field. Greatly placed on lack of Self awareness, Sovereign will, etc. Which manifests as parasites and foreign bodies in the gut and digestive tracts.


- Used for Blood disorders like High/low blood pressure, Blood circulation issues, lymphatic circulation issues, manifested by Familial Karmas/debt/unfinished emotional residue and taking on the emotional and mental constraints of ancestry in the family/bloodline.


- Used for Breathing ailments and respiratory illnesses manifested through deep grief, anger, resentment and the like.


- Used for the clearing of detox issues in the body – kidney function, womb/fertility ailments, prostate illnesses, which has been manifested through directed childhood trauma, sexual
and emotional trauma, as well as suppressing the creative instinct/artist/creation/birthing power.