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Direct Mentorship with Riana Arendse

VIP Mentorships with Riana Arendse are exclusively reserved for previously or currently enrolled participants, initiates and graduates of her programs and curriculums.

This opportunity to directly mentor with Riana Arendse is rare and only occurs certain times a year. Which is why there are only 2 or 3 spots opened at any given time for potential candidates.

Hi Beloved,

Your unique mission to lead and guide others to their sovereignty is important to me. I know that there are crossroads in the professional journey when an exceptional training opportunity puts new wind beneath your wings for thriving in success. That's why I dedicate several times throughout the year for a personal one on one opportunity to connect with me through an Intensive VIP mentorship.

A VIP mentorship provides you with concentrated, personalized downloads, initiations, activations and healing as needed for your individual path of evolution, which immediately accelerates the fulfillment of your divine purpose. Stepping into new levels of success requires overcoming your greatest unconscious resistances to that expansion. The VIP mentorship illuminates the root of your deepest fears and guides you to take courageous action upon your immediate next steps as a professional leader, guide and being of Light.

This dynamic learning environment is one of my favorite offerings and it's carefully curated by myself and my team of Masters and Angels of the Highest Order, for an intimate and unforgettable mentorship experience.

This mentorship is a finely curated advanced training ground for assisting soul committed initiates with cultivating the ability to bring the etheric into form each moment, while becoming the embodiment.

It takes great strength and courage to mined realms that have consumed the purity of the living light and use these pure codes to create through you what is truly in resonance with the greatest potential for all living beings here on the planet. I see your heart, your truth and i understand the depths of where you have gone and the inner cry to return home. I too walked this path, and have died and been reborn over and over again - it took 7 years of initiations that would just happen and realities continuously dissolving....leaving me to see the truth that was within me. There was no running away from it, and I could not give it to someone else (i tried). 

Because i was forging a new path, there was no one that could give me the insight, and it took great devotion and complete surrender. I learned to listen, truly listen and surrender into the becoming of this truth that was further reaching than i could have ever imagined. Peace became my core and limitless became my nature.

The soul completely overwrote my personality and has stabilized in the most beautiful expression of my essence. I reached mastery of my conduiticy of Source and was given full access for the purpose of assisting those that agreed to be in pure service.

I dedicated my life to become the bridge for those that are ready to embody the soul's truth, fulfill their agreement, and truly create a reality that resonates at the highest potential. And so if you are ready to walk with me, this ultimate VIP platform, was created just for you.

Afternoon Light

VIP MENTORSHIP INCLUDES (3 or 18 private one hour sessions)

Mentor with Riana Arendse

Immerse yourself in the pure resonance of sovereignty as you are guided through your individual initiation.

Let go of Limitations

Identify critical root fears that are impacting your ability to be seen as a leader and the action steps that are needed to liberate your divine purpose.

Channeled Personal messages

Experience channeled guidance from higher council 

30 Days of Support/6 months

Direct email access to Riana for 30 days/6 months for additional support as you transition.

Quantum Healing

Experience immediate transformational healing in this sacred space that uplifts your entire being into a higher Octave of Consciousness

Divine Business Solutions

Riana provides in-depth answers on topics related to platform development, business expansion, your individual message and brand identity.


Trina Dagnin

I am constantly resonating and recalibrating to tune into her radiant embodiment as a mentor, not just with her words, but more so in her living example of what it means to be a true embodiment, birthing a global movement.

Jovan Steward

The VIP mentorship with Riana was extremely transformational for me. it was definitely what i needed to receive huge insights and shifts that came with immediate accuracy. 

Kurt Manuel

Her direct mentorship is fierce and loving. She has awakened me to know myself at the deepest levels, than ever before. This experience has blessed me in restoring my confidence to stand in my power.


Expand your ability to hold more of your Light and take your business platform to the next level by Mentoring with Riana Arendse in a life changing immersive VIP opportunity.