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advanced series - the path of ascended mastery

Master the human experience as you integrate your Ascended Mastery — Advanced Program!

The Path of Mastery program guides you through Riana Arendse’s acclaimed Transformational processes for creating deep and lasting change in your life. This program triggers a profound transformation in your entire neurological makeup - causing you to think, feel, and perceive on a whole new level.


Beautiful Masters, we have some work to do!

This is an invitation to Freedom!


In this special advanced program, I will bring forward powerful spiritual foundational teachings, tools and processes to accelerate your deepest levels of Self Mastery. Through the coming together within this container, perceptions will be changed, beliefs will be altered and a greater level of consciousness will begin to be embodied. For those of you who are familiar with my work, you know my programs and courses are mostly about Healing, Initiations and Self Mastery. In this special program, we will focus predominantly on Self Mastery and integrating our consciousness with our individual Ascended Mastery Consciousness. During these 4 weeks together you will be held in a beautiful nurturing space as you release the entanglements of false truths and deeply seeded beliefs, clearing out distortions and expanding the bandwidth of frequency we have experienced up until this point.


When you apply these principles and techniques to your day-to-day life, you can see dramatic results both in what you experience and how you feel.


We will dive into the importance of belief systems and how to change what you believe about yourself and your world to dramatically change what you experience in your life. The new perspectives shared can change the way you view “reality,” and help you get in touch with the beliefs and ideas that are presently guiding your life so that you can change them if you decide to. Here I emphasize your self-empowerment and your ability to use your conscious free choice to create the life and the world that you prefer.


The planet as going through a major transformation, an evolutionary leap to the next level of consciousness. And this program simply acts as a reminder of what you already know but may have forgotten, and can help you experience this transition smoothly and joyfully, by expanding your awareness of the unlimited possibilities that are truly available to you. The advanced master’s program emphasizes increasing your self-empowerment and your connection to your Ascended Master Self as being key to consciously creating the kind of reality you desire.

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Some of the feedback our students have shared include:

  • Mental and emotional clarity

  • Improved health and

  • Enhanced love relationships

  • Expanded psychic ability

  • Increased self-love and self-acceptance

  • Greater self-empowerment

  • Enhanced creativity and abundance

There's a reason why Riana’s students become wildly successful, Liberated Embodied Spiritual Masters, Healers and Enlightened Entrepreneurs.




It's the natural consequence of coming Home, coming into Union with Self, embodying True Self Mastery, Multidimensional Cellular Healing and Deep Connection to all of Creation.


Riana’s clients are Proof. It becomes your Lived Reward. 

"To find true peace, acceptance, surrender and true joy, we must understand the connection between our thoughts and our suffering. We must focus on what is real, and know that the present moment is all that we can experience, interact with and influence." 


Next Intake: March 2023

If you’re ready to take a quantum leap into a new level of reality as your way of supporting yourself and the awakening of humanity, then please register now to reserve your program spot!

 6 am MT / 8 am ET / 4 pm GMT+2