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And i Say to You.....

And I Say To You…

Now at this time,the importance of looking past, your own limitation, can you truly objectify and look at yourself? Can you take inventory of yourself and see where you are holding yourself back? Where you are not living in the full essence of your being? Not living in your magnificence and brilliance.

Every day is an opportunity for growth, every day is an opportunity for change. And every day is an opportunity to stand in the brilliance of who you really are. It is time to get out of the box we have put ourselves in, the limits and limitations that we have placed within our own psyche. As you tap into yourself, your soul, your oversoul, your spirit, all things are possible.

And I Say To You.....never underestimate the power of who you really are. Every choice we make announces our intentions to the universe. It is only through the process of becoming consciously aware that we can begin to challenge and change the intentions that have set the compass for our journey thus far.

When we can become the conscious observer of our choices we are then free to make another choice that better serves our higher purpose. As a result, as we awaken to making more conscious choices, the lower personality-self always yields to the higher vibration of the soul-self.

And I Say To You...

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