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Judgement or Self Reflection

“Judging yourself and others will not give you an expansive future, nor will it heal your wounds. But If you understand the nature and design of life… you will understand that what is needed is to use those moments of judgement as an opportunity to self reflect and cultivate the capacity to be present with yourself… this creates change within the self and the world organically.

And so we say to you that if everything is here to serve and help you, then even judgment must also contain some degree of usefulness and gold.

The role judgement plays is that it is a self protection and defense mechanism put in place to cover up one’s own suffering, insecurities, vulnerabilities, wounds and perceived weaknesses.

But Beloved can we begin to recognize the appearance of any judgment as an opportunity to heal? Where one’s life of insufferable pain becomes a journey of magical inner revelation? Where instead we can anchor into Truth.

Even when such judgments contain a feeling of aversion or disgust toward someone else or ourselves, it is the wisdom of the soul sending an important message to once again turn inward, anchor into presence, self awareness and love.”

- Riana Arendse

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