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Get out of your own way

“The fullness of what and who you truly are Beloved knows no bounds, labels or limitations. It restricts nothing nor has the need to exaggerate anything for it just IS.

Who is this that says ‘I can’t. I am not. I shouldn’t. I am this that or the other thing? Emptying yourself of your perceived smallness, of your ego’s grandeur, the limited labels and stories is what creates the platform for you to be ALL that you naturally are. You see beloved there is no trying here. You are already IT.

Over the years I personally had to let go of the labels of what I thought I was, had to be and what I thought I wasn’t, and ALLOW all that was wanting to pour through me as just that.

There’s a still quiet power that emerges and begins to be embodied when the small self gets out of the way. There is no need to prove or try or judge or become anything other than what and who you are here and now. Knowing and realizing yourself as ONE with all that has been, is and will be.

Your capacity to carry and embody light is tremendous beloved Master… and it can be felt, heard and experienced beyond what you have come to know… there is no need to TRY to be anything for you already ARE. Get out of your own way.” - Riana Arendse

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