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Anxiety to the Art of Surrender...

ANXIETY - to the Art of Surrender The Opportunity to Surrender

Your suffering is only found within your story, the mind-made story. When you’re aligned within the present moment you’ll be able to access enormous power. Things such as anxiety, stress and negativity limit your ability to access that inherent power. When you are anxious, you are experiencing Fear -you are experiencing too much identification with your mind and thoughts, than being Present. This kind of psychological Fear is always of something that might happen - future directed. However, the Future is always Imagined and Always Illusory. Anxiety only gets worse when we are in a state of Resistance, yet we resist it in order to stop the anxious feelings from occurring, but all it does is make things worse. By focusing on what you don’t want, you attract more of it – this indeed is the law of attraction.

How does one overcome this?

To be liberated from Anxiety is to surrender to it completely: One needs to completely release the resistance and be present with the anxiety itself, completely Present and Surrender to what is. Be in a state of Awareness and observe your thoughts that create the anxious feelings. When you become aware of the thoughts, you will realize that you are not your thoughts, it is your illusionary idea of yourself. There is a very strange thing that can occur at exactly the point where you realize that there is no escaping the imaginary world of your illusions. You bare your heart open to illusion, Surrender your eternal struggle against it, and admit to being bound by its cunning imagination and hallucination. Consequently, this is when transformation occurs. You can never be anything you are Aware of, for all apparent "things" are only appearances within your consciousness. Let go of your attachment to cure and resolution, and accept what is, right here, right now, without resistance.

The answer comes when we realize there is no problem at all, there never was—it is all simply resistance. Go deep within, be still, be passively watchful. Be patient, be self-loving. To awareness, realizing that the whole thing is a fiction is the greatest freedom. Then we start to see what is true. Be free from the sort of suffering that only comes when you identify as a someone who something is happening “to”; who suffers only from a thought they can’t let go of, who has personal problems, who is lacking this or that, or who somehow feels wronged by the world, by life itself. Your suffering is found only within your story. No story, no suffering.

In truth, all happenings appear For you. Every perceivable moment that arises within your life is an opportunity for you to awaken, to transcend your humanity, and to realize your Self as Awareness. Merge your awareness into the anxiety itself - Become the anxiety, rather than its experiencer. Become the actual energetic vibration which is perceived. Realize that you are not separate from it, you are it. Be Present in the now moment and see the truth of what this is and who you are.

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