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Awakening to the Self

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

On the path of awakening to realization and enlightenment one eventually realizes Oneness. And if you accept the truth that Everyone IS you, your own happiness, joy, journey and also expansion from that point forward, must accommodate other people. And it is at this point that you are being called to integrate polarities. Seeing both sides in integral relation to each other. True Awareness and Consciousness is about being able to hold space for polarities. Getting to a state of nondual consciousness. But most spiritual practices teaches you to polarize yourself. One then loses access to true Awareness and Consciousness and Awakening because your perspective can no longer accommodate one side of polarity. Which in most cases is the negative side of polarity. This prevents us from enlightenment and oneness. To polarize oneself is an act of Denial, like denial of the Ego, to deny the ego in order to awaken and create less suffering - to deny negativity in order to stay in a positive state. For true conscious awareness to exist, we have to become aware, accept, accommodate and embrace all polarities in oneself and in others, as one’s own. You must remember, Pain calls for Presence, so it is imperative for true expansion, that one is Present with both sides of polarity. It is a universal truth that if you shift what is within, your external reality will change in perfect alignment with it. And one cannot do this from a state of denial, non acceptance, polarization, and non presence.

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