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Hold yourself at the Deepest Level - Somatic Awareness

Beloved… your body wants to heal you, and your body is a source for great healing. For many of us we have been so disassociated from and disregulated within our own nervous system and our physical bodies as a whole… due to the fact that many of us have not been able to create the capacity within our being and bodies to process our experiences... to fully be with ourselves.

We have not been taught how nor have we been taught that it is okay to do so, and so instead trauma builds up in the body and we become accustomed to responding consciously and unconsciously to experiences of contraction with resistance, suppression and disassociation.

But we say to you today beloved that whether man or women.. Your divine feminine energy beloved wants to feel the fullness of your being. She doesn’t see any emotion as wrong and wants to be HERE fully. It's not about gender or binary or adhering to pre-determined concepts and ideals, the divine feminine is more about embracing balance in our lives and saying yes to the very life force divine energy that flows through you. It's about recognizing your intuitive strengths, accessing your softness, allowing the natural process of healing, feeling deeply, sparking creativity, birthing your power, your creative expression and encouraging a love so great. It is about being safe within your own vessel.

Beloved this requires navigating all of your emotions, your pain and pleasure through your heart and with your very body; your temple.

Your divine feminine energy is a force; an ever changing ever expanding state of being, of leading, of being and of divine love; it is a force of creation and expression that many have yet to allow, embrace and begin to embody fully.

And she asks of you to begin by holding yourself at the deepest level. Creating the space within and cultivating somatic awareness for you to be present with ALL of your experiences…

Harmonizing with your deepest truth…

through the heart, facilitated by the breathe and anchored into the body.

Beloved your body, your being, creation calls you home.. “

Deepest Love,

Riana Arendse

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