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Throughout my journey on this planet, I have come to understand that every single being on this planet craves one thing and one thing only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Every single one of us wants to be accepted for who we are. The issue is, is that more often than not, we have absolutely no idea just WHO we are. Because we are conditioned by those around us to assume a certain identity, a certain role that we are to play going forward, whether that role suits us or not, doesn’t really matter to those around us, as they just like us, have been conditioned to believe that they too are someone that they truly are not.

It is incredibly rare to meet someone these days that doesn’t have a certain identity that they have assimilated from their environment, going about their day playing out a role that truly isn’t theirs. And because of this, a lot of inner conflict and confusion arises, which produces depression, inner tension and a whole array of health issues. And even though there is so much inner conflict, it is only after a major incident, such as a near death experience, of an extreme shock, immense suffering, inner turmoil or a nervous breakdown that one suddenly realized that they are playing a role that is not theirs. And that is when the search for innate truth begins. That is when one begins to QUESTION. That is, most likely how you are finding yourself here at this moment reading this message. For which I congratulate you! The question remains though, as to why we choose to play certain roles that are being superimposed on us by those around us? And the true answer, that lays deep within, which is discovered after layer upon layer of projected excuses and “explanations” arises is – LOVE pure and simple. It is our desire to be loved, and return to the love that we have known prior to our incarnation onto this plane of existence that we decide to play a certain role. But no matter what role you play in your day to day life, the reason that you are here right now finding yourself on this page and reading this, is because you still have not found that which you have been looking for. And so should you choose to proceed with walking this path alongside me, with your permission we will journey through time and space, we will walk together into the scariest forest of your subconscious mind, and like a wolf who has faced all its fears and is no longer afraid of the dark forest, will emerge victorious, full of love, joy and appreciation for everything that YOU are.

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