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How to Manifest a Desire...

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Anything you could ever want or desire, no matter how big or impossible it may seem, Is meant to be yours, and will be, the minute you line up vibrationally with it. But how does one do this? In order to line up vibrationally with that which you desire or want, one must first clear out/heal/integrate everything, that stands in the way of it. Here's an example; A man desires to find a woman who loves him for who he is, solely and completely. In order for him to line up vibrationally or be a match to a relationship like that, he must first clear out/heal/integrate all the parts within him (conscious or subconscious) that is resistant to that desire. This could look like, “not essentially loving himself, not feeling like he is enough or worthy, fear, shame” and this list goes on and on.

Relationship(s) that will trigger all these painful parts within him, and to him it might feel like a never ending cycle of just Not being loved. But in essence, these relationship(s) are actually leading him to the relationship which he actually desires (meaning the current relationship will eventually evolve into his desired relationship or he will attract a better feeling relationship). Only IF, he Is able to get the learning-clear out/heal/integrate the parts that are standing in the way of his Desire. Which ultimately will line him up vibrationally to his initial want and desire.

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