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Judgements are criticisms that separate us from others

Judging others is basically no different than bullying. Only instead of exploiting someone’s physical weakness, you’re negating them mentally and emotionally. You’re looking for ways to diminish them in order to feel less bad about yourself. Ultimately your perception of the world or just any person, is merely a reflection of your state of consciousness.

Every negative assumption we make about other people has little to do with them and everything to do with us. Instead of absorbing our judgment, they’re simply revealing aspects about ourselves that we don’t like. These beliefs were either conditioned or created through past experiences. And in most cases from a deep level of unworthiness, non acceptance and rigidity within ourselves.

To put it another way, other people are mirrors, reflecting our own doubts, limiting beliefs, traumas, insecurities, and perceived flaws. Therefore, every time we judge someone, we’re really only judging ourselves. Every time we judge, we give our power away., and yet that moment of judgment is simultaneously an opportunity for us to reclaim even more of our power through self reflection and expansion.

Judgements are criticisms that separate us from others. And this separation only fuels even more disconnection within ourselves.

Beloved, every time you find yourself judging someone, understand that they’re simply mirroring your own negative perceptions, self-beliefs or wounds. To change this, begin by examining these beliefs, decode these judgements that seemingly arise, figure out where they came from, and make a concerted effort to resolve them. Do this long enough and you will evolve both internally (by loving and accepting yourself) and externally (by loving and accepting others).

Because whatever we do not own, heal or claim within ourselves, we will project onto others, through the act of judgment and criticism. But when we operate from a space of true expanded self-love, there is no one to judge, nothing to deny, and everyone to serve with gratitude, kindness, maturity and respect.

All My Love Riana

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