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The Barrier

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

“Suddenly within our view we see this wall, this barrier, and we think to ourselves, now I have to get through or over this mountain first to get to the other side. To be free. But what the mind doesn't know, is that the mind put this wall or barrier there. What if the whole thing was nothing more than an illusion? What if this perceived gate, wall, mountain, barrier didn't actually exist? Most minds are conditioned to see obstacles and barriers. We are so programmed to believe this. But what if for a moment, you come to the awareness and a state of higher consciousness and realization, that there really isn't a wall, gate, mountain or barrier? In most cases, the barrier then disappears. The point is that It doesn't really matter what's beyond this perceived barrier, because the You beyond this barrier is the You before this barrier too. Who is it this that sees this barrier? Is it because we think we have to overcome something in order to be? What you are seeking is already here, not in the overcoming of an obstacle, but within this very present significant moment. See the vastness of Consciousness that this perceived tiny barrier within lies.”

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