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Q: Riana do you believe in boundaries, what are your views?


A: When you are fully connected to your true authentic self; to your Source there can never be any threat to you… you are immeasurably immune.

Why? For true power and true connection to your eternal self Beloved… cannot be lost or taken away from you.

So, how do we begin to work with boundaries with regards to our

romantic, friendship, or familial? We say to you that this is the greatest

opportunity for us to allow deep expansion, for as we know through the law of mirroring and attraction, the people we have in our lives are the direct link or doorway to accelerated healing. Why? Because they are a constant mirror reflecting to us our qualities, self-limitations, wounds, and imbalances, and are designed to trigger within us profound emotion, thought, and feeling where we might have suppressed, denied, or disowned parts of ourselves. Just as with the process of Surrender and cultivating change on the level of identity, we begin to use everything at our disposal as a guiding light, an opportunity, and a tool for transformation. You will come to realize that by accessing these higher states of consciousness, implementing boundaries also no longer becomes necessary because your field has become so strong, so immune…your natural state of being; like a built-in mechanism. You become energetically untouchable because your sense of self, high state of consciousness, and anchored within the frequency of love within yourself becomes a true reflection of the strength, wisdom, and healing you have allowed and cultivated throughout your journey. And If the boundaries you set are invaded or we are affected by others overstepping our boundaries, this is a reflection of where we might not entirely recognize and embody our worth and sense of power. It might be a reflection of how deeply or lightly anchored we are into love within ourselves. Like ultimately attracts like. So, what needs to be cultivated more so than the setting up of boundaries is the coming back into union with ourselves, truly connecting and accommodating our authentic selves, our innate power and worth. Returning back to Love.

Most of the time, people will setup boundaries as a way to dominate presence and exert the ego's ability to defend or protect oneself, but this does not remedy the underlying situation. You see, Beloved, a boundary is the ability to stay in alignment with your soul's truth and the integrity with your own energy, in energetic balance with yourself. If you have people in your life that you constantly need to be putting up boundaries for, then a deeper level of contemplation and awareness needs to be had. Because in most cases, it is the energetic environments we are creating around us that seeds these experiences. The universe merely gives you the opportunity through these mirrored experiences to connect, clear, heal and anchor in your authenticity. These triggers are indicators that some part of us are not in alignment with our fullness, our authenticity and power. If we were, we would not be charged by the experience and we would not feel less than, wrong, or in conflict once a boundary is communicated.

We travel this journey of healing, evolution and self-discovery within our daily lives and relationships, both of which reflect what we need to become conscious of and begin transforming. And then we discover that healthy boundaries in relationships are not about controlling what other people do, it’s not even about fear or safety of defence. In fact, they are entirely about you personally defining and following your individual sense of happiness and your personal truth. It is also about teaching others what you will and will not accept. It is a state of self-awareness, integrity, and self-love. When aligned to the True Self, this becomes your natural state of being.

And we come to realize that truly…there’s no exclusivity or individuality… there’s only Source… meaning everyone and everything in our external is in some way shape or form an extension of us. And that every experience or person we energetically call into our world and unto ourselves; are mirrors and opportunities for us to reclaim our divine authentic power, divine love and sovereignty back. When there’s a need to implement boundaries, one must begin to question… am I creating this wall out of a sense of fear or exertion of my power or defence OR am I creating it out of a sense of self empowerment, self love and healing? Become curious and self reflect, even if you are called to separate yourself from others.”

- Riana Arendse

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