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Q: What is my purpose Riana?


A: Well you would think from the perspective of mind and form that it is to be associated with attainments, achievements, roles, responsibility and be quite verb related. But we say to you today beloved that; ‘Your state of Being’ is your Greatest Purpose, because it vibrationally determines what you call and repel from you; it determines how much you TRULY know yourSelf and the depth of your embodiment. It easily reflects how awakened, spacious, integrated, healed, surrendered and expanded your heart is. Your ‘state Being’ is how you Serve. It is your greatest creation; it is what determines your impact in this world. The idea is that your purpose is NOT what you DO beloved, but the depth of your knowing and embodiment of who and what it is that you are and have always been. Once this is Realized then it really doesn’t matter what you do. Because you ARE.”

- Riana Arendse

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