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The cycles of Spiritual death and rebirth

Hello Beautiful Heart

Throughout each passing breath, may you make peace with spiritual death and rebirth, be courageous enough to receive the things that will one day be lost, nor adrift in endless seeking as a way of trying to outrun the winds of fate. May you honor the equal gifts that both pleasure and pain inspire, not needing to always be in pain in order to grow, or always needing constant pleasure to confirm your worth and value. May you let go of viewing life from the ego’s belief in punishment, so you may enter your soul’s domain of endless rewards and miracles. From this space, everything that comes and goes will always leave you more evolved than before you gained it. May you surrender and let go so profoundly that the pleasure of gain can be recognized throughout each moment, even when it is the gaining of experience, maturity or the expansion of perspective.

This is the plan the Universe always has for you: to become your most magnificent and powerful expression and walking embodiment of Source God — no matter the ups and downs that enter with each new cycle or season. Despite the pain of your past or the uncertainty of your current circumstances, the art of surrender and letting go is here to show you the way into a more miraculous and powerful way of being. All My Love,

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