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The relationship with our children

All I had ever thought before entering motherhood was about to be shaken and stirred. It provoked a deep awakening within my own being.

I have come to know that we have the exact child(ren) we are meant to have. Their divine being called us into their spiritual path, just as we called them into ours. They are there to help us awaken our own inner child, to mirror back to us all our unmet needs and conditioned beliefs from our own childhood and ultimately to rise to our highest most authentic self.

The relationship with our children is also meant to trigger unresolved wounds and suppressed memories and feelings from our own childhood, so that we may integrate those fractured aspects of our being and become more whole. To parent our children well, we must begin to parent our internal child well first; otherwise we will end up repeating the exact same pattern and style of parenting that our parents demonstrated towards us.

Conscious parenting turns the traditional parenting paradigm upside down. Instead, it teaches us to see our children as our “spiritual teachers”. Through their mirroring of our projections, they invite us to raise ourselves and our inner child whose unmet needs are still within. They allow us to recognize where we have yet to grow before we can truly and consciously raise our own children.

When we choose to embrace the mindset that our children are our equals and our teachers - we honor their soul essence as separate from ours. In this way we liberate them, we empower them to use their voice, speak their truth, honor their thoughts, involve them in choices, listen to their feelings and teach them of their inherent worthiness.

- Riana

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I love and agree with what you wrote about our children as that is where I am at now. However, I did not have that understanding nearly 40 years ago and now I deal with so much guilt and shame . . . how does one recover from that?

Replying to

Dearest sister, blessings. If I may say a few things regarding your question please..🙏🏾

I have not yet mothered a child but I have a mother, and from what I hear and see from other mothers is that guilt is very common because most everyone makes mistakes. My own mother still cries...This is what I believe the answer is: Forgiveness (of self) of others, of what you feel you didn’t know or have to give to your children.

Then..go and hang out with your own Inner Child..she has wisdo, treasures, love and more healing If it helps..(as a daughter) I forgive you and I love you 💕 thanks for caring enough to feel you could have done better and fo…

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