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To embody divine love is a privilege


I have spent this incarnation walking the line between worlds. Every day my spiritual intention is to ground into being human — being fully human AND also being fully Divine. Everywhere I look there are countless souls asking to be released and liberated. Just recently I spent the night alongside the Archangels, Ascended Masters and The Seraphim guiding thousands of traumatized, grieving and fearful souls stuck in time-loops where the most horrific experiences of trauma, slavery and fear were felt and experienced; helped send them back into the light of Source, into Divine Love. As they moved back into Divine Love my body felt immense pain, fear and terror… the pain of a thousand people moved through my being. But because of the initiations I had personally mastered and moved through I was able to hold a state of consciousness and Divine Love that would allow these emotions and traumas to release more effortlessly as it was met with Divine Love. As I tended to the ceremonial practices and holding of space needed to completely release their souls, so many more souls arrived for the same release and were ultimately met with pure love and unimaginable Peace.

This experience is a reminder for us that this journey of healing, unbecoming, claiming our divine sovereignty and power is not just about us, as an individual stream of consciousness. The healing work we do within our own being, the heightened states of consciousness we accommodate and embody and are cultivating as Masters, helps, awakens, enlivens and heals so many; many you might never become aware of. For within the realm of the absolute… there is no separation. Truly.

Beloved, to open the portals of divine love, to embody divine love is a privilege, no matter how hard it may feel to see what needs to be loved within ourselves and within others.

Deepest Love and Gratitude - Riana Arendse

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