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We want you to walk and live FREELY

Beloved Master

… we say to you… Don’t carry the burdens and experiences of the past with you. The accumulation of heaviness from the past can become burdensome on your mind, body and spirit. It limits you from flying, from running and from walking freely.

And Beloved… we want you to walk and live freely.

Instead, give honour, have reverence and gratitude for the many faces, emotions and experiences you’ve housed and let it lift you up into higher states of being; that of lightness and softness.

And then be here and now as if you have been reborn anew with nothing but the present moment and the tender curiosity of what is to come.

Beloved remember too that the most difficult beliefs or faces to change are often the ones disguised as our most cemented and cherished truths. Be courageous and aware enough to question the validity of them. Be open enough to having your most cemented and solidified beliefs and faces challenged and changed, all in accordance with your greatest coming home.

Our deepest honour and gratitude for you Beloved… for all that you’ve endured, shed, mastered, transformed and cultivated. We acknowledge you… we love you and we bless you.

For many of you within this community there is a deeper calling, a deeper state of embodiment that whispers silently and loudly for you to return completely. It beckons you as you look at what was, what is and what awaits and has always been waiting for you. This state of feeling at home within your body, your vessel waits for you to expand into your birthrights, to stand rooted as example... as leader, as master, as your greatest expression.

As we always say, no one can walk this journey for you... but you can be guided through the many thresholds and uplevelling that calls you deeper. This is what is so beautifully curated when you step into mastery mentorships, into our sacred courses and containers. You are held to your highest and greatest timeline, possibilities and embodiment.

Deepest Love,


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