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You hold the key, you are the key - you've always been the REVELATION!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We go through life worrying so much about what others might think of us or how they might perceive us, our parents, society, bosses, friends etc

But is their acceptance and approval a prerequisite for us becoming successful or achieving happiness or even experiencing love?

What if it's not? What if we've been going about life in the wrong way?

We've been conditioned to believe that we need to have this and that and be this and that in order to be free, to be loved, successful, to be accepted and be happy - Through the embodiment of personas, masks, stories and facades.

Our “false selves” can also be called our “masks” or “shields”. Masks are an adaptive response to trauma when we’ve been hurt or betrayed. We no longer show up as our “authentic self” because we’ve learned it isn’t safe to do so.

But the truth is, YOU are the one who holds the key to your freedom, your sovereignty, your happiness and your success. JUST BY BEING YOU, not anything else. And the journey of evolution of ascension is designed to bring you back home to yourself, your true nature. For it is only through the realization and embodiment of your complete authenticity, your true self, minus all the masks, persona, labels and stories... Is when you can experience true and lasting liberation, self acceptance, success, happiness, love and peace.

So it really doesn't matter what anyone else perceives or thinks of you, they are not the ones who hold the key to your happiness and success. Their approval, love, acceptance or perception is Not the prerequisite to you being happy, successful and being truly free!

You hold the key, you are the key - you've always been the REVELATION!


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